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I actually only played this game because of its many collabs. The collabs are all pretty cool but not just that but its a pretty good game. The characters seem nice in their own way, the combat system is simple and this game is great for when you want to pass time. I don't really have much to say since I really just played the game for the collab characters and events but its still a pretty good game which I play only when I am very bored and just wanna pass some time.

Arknights | English


Being honest I am not that interested in tower defense games and I only play 2 so this is one of them. This game is actually better than I thought. The gacha system is ok, the characters is all really nice in their own right. Their designs and voices are all fitting and good. This is actually a fun tower defense game and the bgm and sound effects are all also fitting and nice to listen too while playing. Although it can get real hard sometimes its still a good game with awesome events!

Blue Archive | Japanese


I think this game is pretty cool. The characters are all nice and the gameplay is pretty good too. The characters all look pretty and each character has a fitting personality and their voice is fitting and nice. The music and sound effects are also pretty good and nice to listen too. I don't know the storyline so I have nothing to say about it. My only problem is the gacha is once again its just hard to get who you want and I am not suprised. Overall I think its pretty good and you should try the game! Its cute and very pretty.

I don't have much to say since I never really got through the loading screen a lot. I think the game is interesting but the only annoying thing is the loading screen really. The character designs, personality, and concept is interesting and unique and pretty nice. And they were all based on disney villains. The voice actors are pretty good and have noteable roles.
The gameplay is interesting although I don't really like the rhythm part if you can call it that. Although I don't know much about the story so I can't say anything about that. Overall I think its pretty good its just I don't have enough storage and the loading screen was really annoying so I sadly had to delete.

Cookie Run: Kingdom


As a person who had played many gacha games, this one is real good and amazing. The gacha is simple but here you can be totally free to play since the game is generous in rewards and I don't think its so cruel. Grinding is not very hard like other games and not so time consuming. There are a lot of events that give you many rewards and the gacha is not so cruel (Well unless you are aiming for ancients and legendaries then yes) The storyline seems nice although I actually haven't payed attention to it and just read some events. The game is really cute and the combat is simple but nice and detailed. This is what I like about it, a simple and pretty cute game that is yet detailed and I can see the effort or the urge to play it. The game is really nice so I suggest you should play it! It also really helps pass off time and help your gacha addiction. Oh and the music and the voice acting is all really nice and I don't get tired of it!

Hmm although I don't know much about this game its pretty good! The gameplay is kinda hard to get into at first but its really nice and fun. The characters look nice and I really like their vocals. A lot of the cards are pretty and I enjoy the music there. Although the gacha here is the most cruel ever. Grinding is so hard and its so expensive. Although I haven't listen to the story its seems a good game!

Although the gameplay was hard to first get into, its a pretty nice game! Although I don't really know or read the storyline the characters are all quite well done and the vocals in this game are pretty good and the gameplay is actually pretty nice and perhaps what I like the most. The gacha system I don't know what to say since I have gotten the characters I wanted with ease due to luck, but after that I have had a very hard time grinding and had a hard time gettting the characters I wanted although its very much just not suprising at this point. I feel like you should give this game a try.



One of the best games I played-
but seriously its good and useful



Its an interesting otome game for sure. I never really played otome games nor had any interest but this actually seems pretty nice. The story I haven't really paid attention to it or read it, the gameplay is alright but the characters and the art style is really nice and pretty and such! They are very interesting and the cards are amazing. Although the game is very not f2p friendly and its hard as in very hard to get desired characters its still a pretty good game in a sense. But it takes up my storage which I had no choice but to delete because of that but overall I think the game is interesting and maybe you should atleast try it.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Everything about this game is exceptional, extraordinary, and just beyond amazing. The graphics are nice, the storyline is touching well although its long and complicated its fun and there is a lot to the game. First lets talk about the storyline, again there is a lot to it and it could be confusing but once you understand the storyline you will start to enjoy and understand the game because the writing is amazing and again there is a lot to it and not just the main storyline, the events are all amazing too in their own right. (You should also read the manga btw) The gameplay is fun and high quality, each character is well designed even the outfits and unique. I personally love Delta and Herrscher of Human ego, herrscher of sentience, and herrscher of flamescion. Although the game at first will appear very hard and storage consuming once you keep playing you will get an understanding of the mechanics which at first hard to understand and consume. I even had a hard time fully understanding the stigma which led to bad character builds and I had a very hard time completing stuff which resulting to me not returning to the game till recently. I regret quiting this game because I only know understand and realize how much this game has to offer. I do have one concern which is the gacha or dorm supply which its no suprise that its not that easy to get your desired thing but its definitely not the worst I seen and stuff and fine. The game is time consuming and grinding can be hard but its still fine. The game is also pretty generous to begginers or when you just started there are plenty of rewards or things to do so its best to make the most of it. Overall its one of the absolute absolute best games I have played and will continue to play. (Although it is storage eating and such and its better in laptop but the controls might be weird at first but you will get used to it)

Genshin Impact


Genshin impact is an amazing game with phenomenal graphics, characters, designs, and an interesting storyline to keep you going. Although the game eats your phone its a nice game and worth it but I prefer playing it on laptop. The storyline is about two siblings gettign seperated then you travel through all the nations to ask the Gods where your sibling could be. Although the main storyline is a bit boring since thats all you do, travel around teyvat helping the nation then ask the archon who is basically a God in the game for answers and get an answer or no answer. The Main storyline is not really interesting or is getting boring but it was exciting at first but the other storylines like character stories and event stories and such are all interesting and fun to do, honestly more fun than the main storyline. But dont get me wrong the main storyline is still fun and nice and all of that. All the events are yes nice and fun and although a bit time consuming still rewarding and some are quite touching. My personal favorite is the golden apple archipelago since I started the game during the event and it was really fun exploring the beautiful islands and just enjoy the scenery and music and the storyline presented. The games music is over the top, its all beautiful in its own sense and quite relaxing and something that just makes me happy and it all really fits its nation or what that area is about and just makes it better overall. The characters design are unique and nice, the gameplay of each character in their own sense is really good, unique, and all fits well. Although some characters could use some changes or buffs all the characters are again good in their own sense. The game overall is good but I do have a problem with the gacha system, its time consuming and expensive but its still somewhat ok or just not the worst I have seen. And the artifact system too, it can get real grindy. The rewards are it really depends since sometimes its good or bad so I don't know what to say about that one. Again overall very nice game!

At first I thought D4DJ was a very difficult and boring rhythm game but recently gave it a go and I really underestimated the game. The game is suprisingly interesting and a bit unique I guess you can say, the gameplay is what I like the most. Its unique and interesting and really fun probably the best rhythm game if we are only judging gameplay. Its a pretty good game with nice characters and decent singing. I am not interested in the storyline thus I have not read any and cant judge that but its still a good game!

This is instantly the best version even if its not a language I understand I got used to it and I had easy time understanding regardless. The game is really amazing, the music is really good, the characters and designs are phenomenal. The storyline is actually interesting and worth my time. The gameplay is nice one of the best rhythm games I have ever played although I am not a fan of the games flick notes I also appreciate the songs can be completed with only two fingers. The MV's are also pretty amazing but there were few times I countered simple bugs but its fine. Everything is nice like the custom profile too but the gacha is too much. Grinding in the game is time consuming and hard since its super expensive and you barely earn anything at some point and you need to do like over 300 pulls to guarantee you a character you want so I don't like that part. And to me its the worst gacha system I have seen I believe. But overall its a nice game.

The game is really amazing! The characters are nice I love the songs and the storyline is really nice and it's a nice rhythm game. After countlessly trying a ton of rhythm games this one is probably the best I have seen. Usually I find most storyline boring, not worth while, and disturbing my gameplay. But this one doesn't it's like a really nice story for each group and the area conversations are a nice addition. The costumes and characters are cool but the gacha can have improvement since getting desired four star is super expensive and grinding in en sekai is harder since it's not as generous as jp sekai where when you start the game instantly can get pulls easily and its pretty much 1 year behind in updates. The chartings of the songs are nice but I have one problem. No matter what the flicks are buggy and rigged. Countless times I did the note got a miss and a effort wasted. No matter what happens it's the same situation. Overall: Good game! Wish they could be as generous as jp sekai and fix the flick notes.

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