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( gmt+7 ) ID/EN/JP | alkaloidP esp tatsumiP | mikuluka & vbsniigo #1 stan
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( gmt+7 ) ID/EN/JP | alkaloidP esp tatsumiP | mikuluka & vbsniigo #1 stan
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my time has come to collect all my kanatas cause he seems to hate me in my main on jp

Genshin Impact


don't play this game cuz it'll turn u into pixel npc's slave to do their task and etc just like me but dw about me cuz albedo got my back please just worry about ur grades if u already fell into this rabbit hole. oh wait do u hear that? yes thats ur mom callin u to do the chores gl with the oily dishes.

be alkaloidP and i believe ur soul would turn into their property like mine but dw we got umu, airabu, amen, and 'nnggahh in exchange. definitely worth it.

everything was good until the force update forced to force close the app that also forcing my nerves in result. please fix this i can't play 3d live with 5fps and got full combo just to witness the app closing itself like damn is harassing my gacha pulls not enough so u try to harass my sanity?

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sold, thank u! i wanna sell my jpsekai side main since i dont have much time to taking care of it anymore :'D
- rank 103
- 28000+ crystals
- 7 lim 1 fes
- full wedding set ( toya & rui )
- 2 toya lims ( cyber + wedding )
- akito & toya blessed!
- wing title toya, and akito almost
- 1 big note & 1k kakeras
i opnened the price at IDR 130k, and for now i only accept IDR payment such as spay / gopay so if u interested please dm me on ig @ grizseo
thank u!
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