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Genshin Impact


I'm gonna make it short for each category to make it easy to understand

-This game has so many great value in every way
-Gacha is a lie. You'll guaranteed a *5 in pity 90. It depends on your luck tho (I hope you don't share the same lucm as Bennett)
-Artifacts: the same as gacha. It depends on your luck
-Co-op is okay I guess, as long as you don't meet toxic player it still fun
-Abyss... Well it's all depends on your teamcomp and artifacts, so try to get the best one you've and you're great to go
-For events, most of em are boring but they have primos and crown so it's all good haha
-If you're above ar 55, the game will turn into repetitive. Everyday we do the same things like doing daily, spending your resin till 0, then log out
-Everytime there's a new area, it's easy to make em 100% exploration in just 2-3 days

Did I recommend this game? The answer is back at you. I personally love this game, but sometimes I feel bored cause we do exactly nothing when we're out of resin

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I normally doesn't post something unimportant but this is rather cute. The office is big yet they always stick together[開心][開心][開心] Read Note
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