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Fair enough

You said it's no longer in service, but game actually works! I'm playing it right now 😃

Hi Ella


il gioco è nella media; grafica carina, gacha disastroso. Sembra abbiano risolto per quanto riguarda la lingua, ma non è possibile cambiarla dalle impostazioni. C'è scritto Italiano ma è tutto in Coreano. Bene ma non benissimo [汗顏]

Fair enough, pretty characters 😎

Classic style, lots of characters to collect. Lovely 💖

The game is very minimal, no animations, quite boring. Character design is cute, though

I strongly suggest to get the Bili Bili version.

Graphics are pretty nice, but code needs some optimization. I have problems with audio streaming and game runs sloppy.

Project NOAH


Oooh there's some kind of a game in all that narration. One of the worst things I've ever tried so far...

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Stuck at the name immission screen, for some reasons my keyboard doesn't work. any suggestions? Read Note
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