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This game needs a lot of translation fixing before it can be enjoyable. The character text boxes in the tutorial aren't in english, yet the instructions are (and broken english at that).
What really irritates me is how inaccurate the skill descriptions are. NOWHERE in Nicolas Flamel's match 3 skill does it say that he heals his allies, yet in battle he does heal. His match 3 skill says he attacks all enemies dealing 75% damage and they gain a tier of chaos if their energy is reduced to zero. No mention of a healing effect anywhere.
I can't enjoy a game like this if the translators are going to mess up something as important as the skill descriptions. I need to know which characters are support, attackers, defenders etc.
Please work on your English translations. This game will be a frustrating experience otherwise.

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Customer Service??? The in-game customer service buttons are blank LMAO. Just blank buttons with unknown functions. These are the laziest English translators I've ever seen wow. Skill descriptions are wrong, CS buttons are wrong, some text boxes just aren't translated at all. 
Why release this game in such an incomplete state?
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