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A natural person who is obsessed with someone fictional yes lol
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A natural person who is obsessed with someone fictional yes lol
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This was my first and ever game that i downloaded in qooapp and i forgot to uh make a review out of it. anyway, when i first played this game it was very very interesting, i love the lore and the story so much!! i like games like this. its a really great game but as days goes by it will become pretty boring since all you will do is just read stories, go to history or flying lessons or alchemy lessons but all in all its a great gameee

A really fun game to be honest, the graphics are good the characters do look very attractive. but if only there could a feature where you change the note size it could help some players including me.(if there is pls tell me since i don't understand japanese that well) but all in all its a really good rhythm game.[開心][開心][開心]

A really enjoyable and never-ending fun rhythm game! i will rate this game as a perfect 5 star rating since it really is a great game. The graphics in this game is amazing, the songs are absolute bangers, the story line ia very interesting, the beatmaps are easy to play if you're an experienced rhythm gamer. The characters cards ij the game are so attractive! they can make your heart melt just by listening to their singing voice. The cards are just so pretty! it would make you spend all of your money because of how good looking they are. All in all a really great game!!

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