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Hi hello, I'm your average otome and rhythm game enjoyer from finland,, nice to meet you :)
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Hi hello, I'm your average otome and rhythm game enjoyer from finland,, nice to meet you :)
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Love it<33 I'm heartbroken I never manage to get any collab cards tho

What can I say? This game slays, but it also took a bit of my sanity I think-

Time Princess


This is a game I keep deleting and redownloading a lot lol. I have mixed feelings about it, but overall it's a pretty decent game.

Since it's a dress-up game, clothes play a big part in it. Most of the clothing pieces and the designs are stunning. The rare event suits tend to be expensive, and it's very very hard to get them without spending money. For the crafted/story suits, you need to do a lot of farming, which can get annoying and the process feels painfully slow at times...

As for the stories... This game has storybooks, which are essentially shorter stories you play through. I like the general idea, and most of the stories are good. Ofc, some aren't as good and tend to be repetitive and boring. Also, idk if it's just me, but the lack of POC characters is just something that strikes me as weird... Like, it's so bad you can't ignore it.

But overall, this game has many unique aspects to it, so I do recommend trying it out if you are interested. See if you like it or not.

I like the general third-person shooter aspect and the characters are all very pretty. But the game still has a lot of glaring issues, such as bugs, and it's almost impossible to progress past a certain point without using money...

In all honesty, I don't have much hopes for the future of this game. It's not worth playing.


The highlight of this game is obviously the characters and their skins, which are all very pretty and spicy, but other than that the game is really nothing special. I definitely do see the appeal tho^^



Honestly, this game is very promising and has a lot of potential. It just depends on how the devs take care of the game in the future, since it definetly needs frequent new events and characters to keep it interesting and worth playing.

But so far, it's a really good start! The graphics are fantastic and the characters and their designs are just gorgeous (I especially ADORE the new character Jiho<3). It also has a interesting system interacting with the characters and I love the amount cgs you get from playing the personal stories.

The game is also super f2p friendly. I have almost every character in the game, and I haven't spent at all, which is a big bonus for me.

In conclusion, I think its definitely worth the try.

It's a super fun game; the rhythm game part, songs, covers and the storyline are all very interesting and fun.

I personally have to say that I perfer project sekai's rhythm gameplay a little more though~ (。>﹏<)

One of the best moblie rhythm games out there!
Definitely give it a try!!

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