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i say things
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i say things
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D4DJ Groovy Mix | English


this point marks my second time playing this game since i lost my first account. to be fair, it was due to me losing my screenshot link info, though support couldn't help me with screenshot proof of that being my account.

with that out the way, the sound and graphics of this game are superb with really nice feedback to tapping and sliding notes. cards and cut-ins are top notch, the only real critique is with the story but how often is the story worth for any of these types of games?

kewl hatsune mike rhythm game, just waiting for more songs on global _(:3 」∠ )_

i mean its pretty much a pure gacha on mobile. not much to complain or praise, but very cool artworks from the higurashi series. even though my rating is average, i love the game

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