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Just your average rhythm game player obsessed with the evillious chronicles. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ . Also Akitoya canon.
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Just your average rhythm game player obsessed with the evillious chronicles. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ . Also Akitoya canon.
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Liquid Cats Puzzle


AAH this game is soo cute ( ~'ω')~
The gameplay is really simple and fun! I love the cats so much, they're so cute and adorable! The music compliments the gameplay and the multiplayer games are really fun!
Howerver I tend to disconnect and taken to the title screen often, even when pkaying the single player levels. Either way, this is my go-to game to play when I'm bored!

I have quite a lot of things to say on this game, but the first thing I have to say that this game is that it *will* take up a lot of space on your device! As of now it takes up a grand total of 2.44 GB on my phone! However, i find this game is extremely high quality and extremely well-polished.

I'm quite invested in the story and the voice acting that goes along with it is cute and fits the characters. and the ability to pick between three languages for the voices is straight-up just amazing.

The music is pretty good, it fits the atmosphere quite well and compliments the mood of the area on which the music plays in.

The artwork and graphics are so, so cute! I love the animations and cutscenes you get when you pull some characters! Also I'm in love with the city building part of the gameplay; there's literally so much you can do with it!!

As for gameplay, the game is strategy based, in which you have to first build your team out of the chracters you win in the gacha and then using the team you made to battle countless opponents. There are both PvP and PvE gamemodes that you can play on and the strategies for each differ a lot. Battling is based on skills and cooldown, so it's somewhat important to get your timing right. However I dislike how the characters are tiered, since in other games that I play, you are able to make teams out of your favourite characters and it still be a pretty decent team. However, for the best outcome for your team, here you have to use the characters that would form the best strategy for defeating enemies. But I guess this would help make the character's skills more diverse in power, thus making a wider variety of characters.

Gacha rates are quite good actually, and I like how you get 'soulstones' when you don't pull a character, which can help you get new characters. So pulling the gacha is pretty much a win-win situation: if you're lucky, you'll get a new character, but if your rng has decided to fail you, you'll get soulstones to help you get the characters you want.

On the whole, I find this game to be genuinely fun to play, would recommend!



One of my friends recommended this to me and my experience with this app has been pretty good so far.

The app has a surprisingly large range of interactions you can have with your friends such as asking their mood or hugging them.

This app is quite useful for getting your to know your friends better. Not much to say really, apart from the fact that it's quite useful to have.

I quite enjoy playing this game, mostly for the music but also for the storyline which is also pretty fun to read.

-The graphics are pretty good, the card art is visually pleasing. Edit: I also love the 3d MVs even thought they lag sometimes and also I like the live 2d models a lot, all of the litte movements are so cute

-The music selection is pretty good, with wide selection of commisioned songs and vocaloid songs covered by the unit groups, I really like listening to the commissioned songs as well as playing them in game. However the song selection is not as wide as the jp server.

- The gameplay is pretty good. The difficulty can range from really easy to impossibly hard, which is good for having a wide playerbase with various skill levels. However co-op shows do end up crashing a lot, which is quite annoying when you want to play with friends or something.

-As someone who really enjoys slice-of-life and stories in general, the main story was fun to read. The event stories are also quite enjoyable as well, usually centered around a character. (The side stories from one-star cards are amazing)

-The gacha rates are alright, with a guaranteed Three-star card in a ten-pull. However the game can become p2w with the paid crystal banners and things like that.

Overall, I find this game pretty cool
Gallerian/ Kaito better come home or else 🔫

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