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If you guys downlaod this game then there's no turning back..I WARNED YOU...

What's the colour of grass? :)

First review and my initial thoughts!
full size of the game is 5-6+ gb,and it'll eat up your battery like a pig who hasn't eat in years[為什麼]
They're 26 characters in prsk,hoshino ichika,mochizuki honami,hinomori shiho,tenma saki.
hanasato minori,kiritani haruka,momoi airi,hinomori shizuku.
azusawa kohane,shiraishi an,shinonome akito,aoyagi toya.
tenma tsukasa,otori emu,kamishiro rui,kusanagi nene.
yoisaki kanade,asahina mafuyu,shinonome ena,akiyama mizuki.
and the 6 original piapro characters such as hatsune miku,kagamine rin,kagamine ken,megurine luka,MEIKO,KAITO.

there's different miku in each sekai so don't get freaked out when you see her in the profile section or when while wishing :'D.
there's a high school band miku,idol miku,street performer miku,wonderland miku and empty miku.

sekai's are things/places born from someone feelings,the story of the sekais start with an "untittled" song.after recruiting the members and finding their own true feelings and nostagias the untittled will be formed into a proper song.

they're 5 groups containing 4 members.
Leo/Need,a group full of childhood friends.
More More Jump!,a group of idols.
Vivid Bad Squad,a grouo of street performers.
Wonderland X Showtime!,a performance troupe/stage play for children etc.
Nightcord at 25:00,an annoynomous online group which they upload their own creations such as their own writte songs etc.

the original piapro characters help the members to form a song and to find their own true feelings.

Leo/Need's untittled song is "NeedLe"
More More Jump's untittled song is "Newly Edgy Idols!"
Vivid Bad Squad's untittled song is "Ready Steady"
Wonderland X Showtime's untittled song is "The World Hasn't Even Started Yet!"
Nightcord at 25:00's untittled song is "Composing The Future"

Btw you can ask me anything in the replies!
I'll gladly answer! :))))

My intial thoughts are the gameplay isn't hard at all!
you'll get better over time trust me.
there's actually a new type of note added in the 3rd anni update but you just have to hold the note!you don't need to let go of it :))
the art and the songs are great!the vocals are immaculate!![開心]
I'm a rank 90 player and this is a recommendatio if you want to play a new rhythm game!especially if you liked "D4DJ GROOVY MIX"!

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THEATRE is the best pjsk song imo Nightcord just slays everytime<3 #SingItOutLoud Read Note
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