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he/they, I like vocaloid, project diva & sekai, persona 5 and more
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he/they, I like vocaloid, project diva & sekai, persona 5 and more
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i like to look at the vtuber models [為什麼] they're pretty

This is just flappy bird but with Nijisanji members,[哇噻] it's a pretty cute game and you can also play it when you have no internet connection

I don't usually play matching games but this one's 🔛🔝

Chibi Girls


It's okay, for most of the customizations you need to watch ads.. and I don't like that. The sound and the graphics are alright.

Obey Me! Nightbringer


I love Obey Me! Nightbringer so much! It's so interesting, we are in the past after the war happened and we are finding out things from the past!
But there is also something that makes me feel sad, it's that we won't be getting any lessons in the OG Obey Me! I think that the game is not gonna be played as much 'cause of this new game, and I saw that a lot of players didn't even finish lesson 80, and I'm one of them [發火][大哭]
This game is also for new players tho, so new players are also welcomed! But what I think is that it's gonna be a little confusing for them, maybe not even a little...
I love how this game looks, it looks so much better than the OG Obey Me! (ofc 'cause it's a new game) that when I enter the OG Obey Me! It feels a little bit weird for me..! Not sure why.
Oh yeah and today I cried about how much I love these demons so much, not even people IRL care about me like how they do, It makes me feel lonely. [憋屈]

It's a cute game! I love dress up games, but you have to watch ads to get money and then pay for clothes that you want, so that kinda sucks. [大哭]

Hello Kitty World 2


A cute game for people that like Sanrio! [色色] But it gets boring after a while… [憋屈]

Bacon – The Game



School Girls Simulator


this game is so cool, but it doesn't really have a lot of things to do, but I don't think the dev will ever gonna update the game again. I've heard that he quit updating this game to work on a new game, named School Girls Simulator 2 [難過] I really hope that what I heard is actual right! [耍帥] I would totally play it! [賣萌]

Purrfect Tale


The game is really cool, I also played this one year ago, but I downloaded again. I downloaded it for the cats! I love them[賣萌]

The game is OK! But it can be laggy sometimes [汗顏]

My Singing Monsters


I love the music

I played the english version a long time ago and it's a nice game

Silent Castle


This game sucks, it's not even with real players and it's boring, you just stay in your bed and build things around you. The ads are also so stupid that you already know that it's gonna be a bad game.

Geometry Dash



Geometry Dash Lite


It's fun to play and I love the music in this game! [怪笑]


Brawl Stars | Global


It's a good game but sometimes it's boring and what I don't like is that I am SOOOO unlucky[發火] I DON'T HAVE ANY LEGENDARY BRAWLER[憋屈] (I started playing this game a long time ago, I think since it got released?) And I have only one chromatic, JUST ONE.



I love the game, it also seems easier than Ao Oni 1 I think? It's really fun to play, but scary when the creepy looking man is chasing me

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Speaking facts, Yusuke!
(Credits for the pic to @pizzawzlewie on Twitter/X) 
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