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γ€ŒCurrently Will Be Updating/ Posting Project Sekai Event, Gacha Banner, Etc- 」
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γ€ŒCurrently Will Be Updating/ Posting Project Sekai Event, Gacha Banner, Etc- 」
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absolutely my most favorite rythm games besides enstars~
although this game notes is a bit difficult to pc/fc especially the green asz note πŸ˜­πŸ–

-Characters : the characters are very attractive in some way, they always makes you throw a tantrum everytime /j, but seriously its very attractive, idk if its an otome kind lf game but it kinda feels like it...?? ANYWAYS, absolutely adore the yamada brothes especially jiro [ε§”ε±ˆ] and mad trigger crew

-Songs&Notes : song are poppin but the notes are not boppin, some of the songs difficultly is quite easy to fc but some are absolutely terrifies the living ish out of me (flashback that one songs with 1.000 note-)
really really hates green note bcuz that thing ALWAYS MOVES everytime.. thats what makes me lose combo-


its a very addicting rythm game i've ever played, i've been playing it for 1 years and lemme tell you its amazing.
the more update they announce, the more amazing the game is
theres a bunch of songs you can play, starting with original songs, cover, and collab song HEHE
still waiting for s3

i've been waitin for ages and its finally ARRIVED.
i played on the jp version for ALMOST 3 months but ended up not reading the story at all cuz i dont know japanese very well ( im planning to learn it one day )
and i heard a rumor that twisted wonderland will have global version AND OF COURSE IM SCREAMING IN EXCITEMENT.

I can finally enjoy the game more and pull from the beggining when the global version released.

even though my luck in both version completely suck, i still love this game, ESPECIALLY HOT MEN.
i will spend money for Azul, Leona, Malleus, Deuce, Ace, Trey, Jack. periodt.

the game graphic is very addicting, ALSO THE SEIYUS ARE OSGSKSHSKAHSSJ [ι–‹εΏƒ][ι–‹εΏƒ]
talking about the storyline.. its AMAZING i always love a game that has its own storyline, even better when they added options, it seems like we're talking to them

if yall want to go broke, this is the place, I ALMOST SPENT MONEY FOR AKATSUKI, EDEN, UNDEAD PLSSS--
my f2p azz cant hold back.
this boys is emptying my pocket rn πŸ’”
BUT. its slay

honestly- its amazing! i've been playing it for 4 months ( after loosing several account).
a tips from me~ :
if you guys want to pull a 4*, i recommend await till anniversary/ color fest that came around after 6 or 7 event~ cuz it have double rate up! and comes with a free pull as well!! [鬼臉]
gameplay is very smooth after version update~
even if it has some bugs its still enjoyable.
the cards and the graphic is very pretty :33, The songs are KABSKSBAKSDVISH IM IN LOVEEEEE πŸ’•πŸ’•
i stan VBS and WXS!!!!
gambling addiction is a lot of pain in here especially for f2p, sooo be careful for who ya want to pull~~

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Kamishiro Rui Birthday! β™‘ πŸ‘‘ Kamishiro Rui HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Gacha will be held πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
From 00:00 JST on June 24th, it is decided to hold a gacha with birthday limited members βœ¨
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