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Star Smash


I kinda like this gameplay, it's like futuristic tennis or slingshot control like it's XFLAG predecessor game, Monster Strike.

UI/UX color pallette it's simple yet colorfull, makes navigation straightforward even if you didn't know Japanese. Also the storyline it's very simple yet innovative I think, it's told through manga without animation like other typically mobile gacha games, it's simple and straightforward.

Their main team character also kinda like otome game I think, cuz it's more male characters than female. FYI, main characters designed by Oh! Great (Ito Ōgure), who is most known for Air Gear and also worked on character costumes in the Tekken series which is cool.

XFLAG has also prepared a Star Smash commercial movie featuring the theme song “Stardom” by Mrs. Green Apple that will start airing on Japanese television on November 17, 2020.

Overall, I'll recommend this game if you like Monster Strike, Disney fans, or wanna try mobile game that kinda feels like Kingdom Hearts but develop with XFLAG companies.



Best japanese portrait moba on market, number 2 and 3 was Compass and Linqs Rings. Definitely must play on the list. [開心][哇噻]

World Flipper


Tap tap + loading simulator, combine with monster strike element with additional pinball mechanism. Kinda innovative I think and BGM are hype too, graphic is pixelated but with beautiful artwork Cygames identity. I recommend this if you boring with others game in the market.

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


Need Japan VPN if you stuck at the title screen, but overall this game has great potential for ACGN category. Top down view ARPG with shooting mechanisms and live 2D cute waifu. Worth to play? i think yes if you like games like Eternal City.

Pokémon Masters EX


One of the best pokemon game on the market, collect pokemon include the trainer and level it up. OBT on Singapore and Canada and data will be inherited when release in august. Definetely must play game on your phone if you're pokéfan.



Unfortunately the customization is just a limited, maybe next update will be a lot more

This game was really great if you like side scrolling mecha and waifu things. You can customize your guns, body, feet, and abodemen, and every set you can get from gacha or reward mission. Gacha system split into two, your mecha waifu and equipment. If you played similar game like girl frontline and last origin, everything will be similar like that. Oh yeah the ost is so good too, you must see in lucid dream mission. Overall, this game really worth your time.

If you have any question of this game, come and join this unofficial final gear discord channel :

Night Zero: Mistiltein


Browndust but with Devil Maker Tokyo IP and nice looking minimalist UI

Lemme simplify this, the game story was set like chrono trigger but in other universe/dimension.



Well... If you don't like idle games + waifu collector gacha games, better not play it

I assume contract agreement between tencent and bluehole studio was completed and to avoid policy between their games, tencent have to rename and add little tweak to their earlier game pubg mobile. That's how this game was born or re:release and rename to game of peace. That's was only my assumtion tho.

Well... here the thing :



This game was superb waifu/husbando collector gacha games, UI feels modern minimalistic, and gameplay strategically fun for tower defense game. It's has similarities from plant vs zombies if you pay attention close enough but, it's ok I love this game even the sprites using chibi character but the artwork is very beautiful and polished. I think they using the same artist from GFL. Overall this game need to release global very soon cuz I know they can dominate other crappy waifu collector on the market.

They just repeat the same formula from their previous succeed game Bandori but, with more RPG element taken from other famous mobile game like Danmemo & FGO. This game is like fusion element of that three game and it's was good. I'm enjoyed playing it even it's kinda repetitive when you hit certain lvl but it's okay.

Ok, I'm gonna make it simple. This game is just like "better" version of Gestalt Odin with landscape screen and awakening feature. Core gameplay of this game is similiar to Gestalt Odin made by Square Enix in term of collaboration project with Aiming.

Basically it's dungeon based MMORPG with lil' bit exploration. It's very very similiar to that game including the graphic or engine run on this game? How can I'm not comparing these two while that game had a pretty fresh concept I think, and Klab try to elaborate that concept with yeah... another similiar yet nothing fresh from the feature from that game. The only different thing about this and Gestalt Odin is only screen orientation preferences, that it.



It's was just swipe swipe simulator with "upgrade your char" element made by square enix. Will this game would be their last idea to make more great innovation through mobile games? i don't know, but this game has potential i think

Last Cloudia | Japanese


It's always freeze when first cutscene play after the downloading clear. I can even play the game and it's always get stuck everytime i tried to open the game again and again. I'm using mido with android 9 btw

*edited: Now I can play the game smoothly. Lemme explain lil' bit about this game, this was an example if someone did really good advertising for a really boring game. It has similiarities from FFBE but with ATB combat I think? artwork it's very good and glowing live 2D animation but combat feels meh... It's kinda boring and no strategies at all. All you have to do is tap tap tap, cast spell tap skill button and boom you win. Also skill can be stacked and you can spam it like a mad. The good thing about this game it's only the BGM, it's very matching to the game and also you wanna hear that more and more. But seriously, Aidis... I wanna know more about potential of this game

Even though I'm playing it on 2019, doesn't mean this game will be much behind from the feature or graphic. This game release on August 2016, but I really really hooked up when playing it. I've never though this game will be able to compete in these industries, but I think I was wrong. The features, graphics, mechanics, etc was ridiculously polish in this game that's why I really enjoy playing it. Any active discord server from this game? If any lemme join up, I wanna know more about this game [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][微笑]

Disgaea RPG


Bad game company management

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Any discord server for in depth guides or strategies for this games? I really want to join cuz this game was super cool for me [色色] Read Note
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