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ALICE Fiction


Contrary to most people, I really enjoyed this game. It probably took inspiration from many other gacha raising sim type games but honestly- I liked it. Let's break it down.

□ Graphics: Other people have said that it was mediocre at best, when i think of graphics on the other hand, i think of art style and really its beautiful. The characters themselves are just smooth lol

□ Sound: Nothing much to say, its just there. Now Im not a voice acting expert but I kinda did enjoy the voices too! Its japanese man, what more can i ask for?!

□ Gameplay: Somehow unique. I use auto tho which just does everything for me in battle so i dont mind about it much. You raise cards and characters you pull for, its generic but its of the same genre of any other gacha game so its fine

□ Story: I have yet to dive too deep into it lolol, but from what I can tell, its slow. I dont mind tho, the voices are what im there for-

□ Conclusion: I have seen people complain about the lack of male characters but what do yall expect lmao. Be idk...patient?? Theres already one in a banner and mind you, it was very easy to pull for him. The game is somewhat generous so either you use the gems or save irdc. Theres so much potential to this game. Please...just wait...xddd

Anyways thats my basic thoughts, we all have differing opinions but thats what makes us well DIFFERENT AHAHAH

Here have a black cat for bad luck ♡

I have played many Rhythm games in the past. This one in terms of its gameplay style is different and franckly i like that lol. I'ts easier to look at and just looks really aesthetic. Okay so now let's discuss more of my thoughts.

■ Graphics: ITS AMAZING DAWG. Like I said, super aesthetic. I just like how casually the sprite of the characters move lol. I do lag a bit but I think Im just impatient when it comes to loading. Love the character art tho for each 3 star or 4 star card xdd

■ Songs: One song in particular caught my attention when I first played it. It was Roki Roki or something- I have actually heard that song before and just finding it there made me so nostalgic and it instantly became one of my favorite songs to play.

■ Difficulty in gameplay: Hm, it's very simple and can be easily understood for new players. It doesnt force you into all the mechanics at once but you do get a brief explanation for them (which I find really efficient). In terms of the actual gameplay with the notes, it can be very easy and very difficult depending on which song level you choose. A tip here would be to use note speed of 8 and above. It might seem quick but it is to balance out the amount of notes that you can see on your screen. I personally use note speeds between 10-11.

■ Gacha: Ohhhh boyyy. I hate it ngl to you. You need to be extremely lucky and save a ton of crystals. So a tip for new players is to save crystals when you first enter the game because new conversations (which gives you crystals) will gradually decrease in numbers the longer you play. I have yet to get a card that I really wanted despite playing for a full year. I did get a new account and I am saving all the gems because I got bored of my older account. I don't think there's a pity system either? So you really just need to save up and be patient (The reason as to why i can't get a card I want from a banner is because I have the urge to gamble whenever I have 3000 crystals and that sucks because the "pity" won't stack for new banners I believe.

□ Conclusion: I probs have more to say but I got lazy LMAOOOO. Yeah uhm just one thing. I use samsung a12 and whenever I try to co op, it brings me to a white screen which turns black after a 1 minutes or so then I get stuck. So yeahhhh I cant co op but oh well It doesnt really matter cause I get so nervous playing with other players (no cap I was shaking the last time i played live lol).


oh and heres a black cat for bad luck HEHEHEHEHEHE
🐈‍⬛ meow~

King's Raid


I'm not gonna lie to you, im not that into games with super basic mechanics (like leveling up characters and equipment) and yet i really enjoyed this one. Somehow, its a bit ironic because these types of games dont make me stay for too long, however, i was able to play it for 3 days straight (lol i knowwww im SUPER HARD TO PLEASE)! Sure the download was hectic as hell because my wifi sucks but damn. I actually enjoyed the story and the characters are funny. I think even the rewards the game gives you is fair. I HIGHLY recommend. I still do think some people might see this game as a turn off and some might even like the style, as for me I am obviously in the group that enjoys it.

Extra praise lol:

Honestly, I didnt care too much for the sound, I just got so into the fight scenes. The monsters were cool looking and some even funny. LOVEEEEEE the graphics and the character art. Legit one of the best games I have ever played cause it even made me rate it which i never do btw-

I believe you dont even need to spend money because they already give you a handful of resources during every level and expedition. As long as you know what you're doing, you will surely like it 🤩

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


played for a couple of minutes, not bad.

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the reccurring issue of pjsk Somehow, the jp version of project sekai wont let me play after the tutorial. it just doesnt let me through. the global version works fine.
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