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Sin Chronicle


i have alot of complain from this game, i'll make it short n to the point.

- shitty server
- slowest mobile game ever. (i can finish my cooking while it still loading)
- bullshit skip button (skip button only skip 3-5 dialogue)
- PS 2 graphic
- slow ass tutorial

- here the most important thing, strongest attacker n best buffer/healer only at limited time banner, only available 1 week from release. you will never get this 2 best characters until rerun in next year, if the game still EXIST. looking ar sega this game will dead in 6 months same as their other game.

so if u miss it or start playing today means 31 - 03 - 2022, don't download or just unisntall except you love playing the game as weakling that can be never compete the raid boss point and always be 2nd class citizen, good luck.

the only good point is the VA n music at home screen.

Pokemon Unite


shittest moba ever, full of idiot player even in master rank, don't play this game, give rating 1 n uninstall it.

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