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I enjoy playing games! Mostly RPG, and rhytm games.
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I enjoy playing games! Mostly RPG, and rhytm games.
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Granblue Fantasy



In all seriousness I love granblue fantasy, i discovered it about a year ago and picked it up to play out of curiosity and it didnt disappoint. The game is rich with stories and plot, side stories, AUs (literally), main plot also made me go wow thats something. Tldr: this game piqued my interest and personally i find it enjoyable.

The game is somewhat similar to that of a VN because of the display yet it doesnt't feel like one? I'm not making any sense whatsoever, overall I enjoy the game even if the Gacha isnt so friendly but the rewards sure is. Its merciful enough so i forgive that part.



honestly I kept playing this game since the global release because of Mo Yi (Vyn Richter) and i dont regret one single bit of spending my time playing for Mo Yi [大哭]

though i am nearing end with the game, almost rank 80 which is the limit, however, I also stayed because of the beautiful illustrated cards. The cards were one of my motivators to continue playing and the storyline.

The story is quite interesting, Our MC is one pretty, smart and strong Lawyer. Honestly she was better than I expected, in the end I also came to love her as a character [害羞] The MC is not some typical MC you would see if i can say that, I'm quite biased however it is true that she is a good mc. She's very well written and i personally love how the devs did her justice.

And the four main course, the boys.
Theres a flirty playboy (not technically one because he only flirts with Mc [色色]) a childhood golden retriever [耍帥], a composed yet easily shy boss [鬼臉], and a man with 3 doctorate degree [怪笑]

so i definitely recommend this game! The story, cards, voice acting, characters are the best and you should look forward to it if you plan to play! [開心][開心][開心]

here for miku [可憐]

if your into vocaloid and rhytm games then this game is made especiakly for that target audience. not just songs too, theres also a story of its own in this game and its quite interesting, i recommend reading the story.

overall just great game.

im just biased. i personally love this a lot [大哭][開心]

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happy new year #QooAnnualReport2022 happy new year especially to vyn richter hehe  Read Note
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