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Instructions for installing YGO Crossduel
Because the Game is not currently available on the Vietnamese store and many devices may have incompatibility errors, I share how to install it for those of you who want to play as follows:
You find the game via google if the indicator is not available in your country, just fake vpn can be installed through the store and fight freely.
If you encounter an incompatibility error, you need the apk installer to download on taptap or Qoo. After downloading and installing, if an error appears as shown below, you have to continue with the next step. This error is due to the game's increased security, so it must be confirmed by ggplay.
Now you need to use your PC to open Bluestack and then log in with the ggplay account available on your phone, find the game via ggplay in Bluestack to install it to ggplay to save the game settings. Then you can log back in with your phone to be able to play.
Have fun!!!

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