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trash game....older Boulder Dash i remember is wayyyy better than this garbage.

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


okay gameplay....prices are too expensive, 51 usd to remove ads and 6500 stones... can't u give ad removal alone? for 5-10 usd should be okay to skip ads. oh there's cheater so no worth to keep playing

okay, i was happy when Sonic Tokyo 2020 was announced to release, downloaded it, played UNTILL YOU BEAT MECHA SONIC, play the event scene AND THIS F*****G GAME ASK YOU TO PAY TO CONTINUE PLAYING. really??? then why are there challenge tickets and ppl to challenge in first place? no, i absolutely won't pay to play the full game. all this pre-order waiting went straight to trash. i can suggest Sega devs: instead of putting game for free, ASK PPL TO BUY THIS F*****G GAME TO FULLY PLAY IN ONE GO.

the worst game. worst graphics, worst frame drawing distance, worst 20 energy, worst 5 minutes of gameplay, worst handling, what else i have to say? las Vegas ia far better than this pile of shit Gangstar

el peor jurgo. peor graficos, peor distancia de dibujado, peores 20 energías, peores 5 minutos de gameplay, peor handing, que más voy a decir? laa Vegas es mucho mejor que esta pila de mierda de Gangstar.

Forza Street


nice game but very laggy when u race vs other cars. android not allowed to be downloaded but it worked anyways. Microsoft can't add graphic settings to reduce lag which is a let down so guess I'll uninstall since lag kills gameplay

V4 | Korean


Mediocre. It's Nexon after all who sank SinoAlice just because they wanted to release this poopy MMORPG. Pls die




exclusive for whales.

Airi's Mistyria!


can't play it. it's VPN shite which I'm to fcking lazy to do this VPN bull shittery.

awesome JP game! love it though I don't understand Japanese so i rely on translation, discord and wikia to understand each character role i.e in pvp, pve, clan battle, Luna tower etc! idk what else i say haha but i enjoy it

didn't know it was kind of MMO... uninstall

Warship Girls | Global


game's garbage. azur lane is much better

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