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Honkai: Star Rail


Great game. The graphics are amazing and the characters are really well designed It is turned based rpg which I also like There's a lot of reading to do but I usually skip. Looking forward to more characters

N-INNOCENCE- | English


Great game. Graphics are really good and the gameplay is just addictive. Some grinding required but you will get ssr and sr as a f2p.

Blue Archive | Global


Really good game 👍🏻
Awesome graphics and the UI is so well design. There's a lot of comedy going on which makes the game fun. The gameplay was a bit confusing for me, but if you like idle/chibi this one is a keeper.

Action Taimanin | Global


Great game 😍
Graphics are really good as well as the gameplay. Lots of action and the girls look soo good. Spend your gems on characters only. I suggest you start with Asagi she is so strong and hott.

Turn based rpg game with gacha I got some decent characters at first but as a f2p I didn't get much afterwards. The graphics are cool as well as the voices but I got tired after 2 weeks because I felt I was not getting much progress.



Game is ok, but I got bored after a week. The grils are cute and the gacha is decent, but it's city building and merging which is not my favorite genre. Caro carries the game though.

Lots of hot waifus and shooting! OST is really good too. I should point out that this game will take around 10GB of your storage. I am f2p so not many ssr units but have plenty of sr and I'm ok with it. I'm keeping this one.

Maid Master


Good game. The maids are pretty Wished the game had more colors. Gameplay is not bad, but it's auto battle, you just tap for the special attack.

Shadow Brides


in love with this game. beautiful waifus, classic turn based rpg and great rewards it will be forever in my phone

ALICE Fiction


I like this game. Great music. Decent graphics and rewards. Gameplay it's ok. Gacha is really good. I'm still playing it.

Dolphin Wave


Played the game for a couple of weeks and I liked it. Problem is I can't read Japanese. Some parts of the menu are in English but not enough to understand the full aspects of the game The graphics and girls are very pretty i wished their voices were louder. If there's a global release I would download

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