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Fate Corridor


Simple repetitive gameplay but I don't like overly complicated stuff. Has AI graphics but I don't mind that.

A game

Honkai: Star Rail


A game

Aether Gazer | Global


A game

Valiant Force 2 | Global



First impressions are pretty meh

Alrighty, now that I've gotten to play this more, the game is pretty good.

Let's start with the pros. First, the gameplay at initial glance lacks a ton of strategy, but then I found out about skill orders and formations, so there is a fair amount. Second, the gacha rates are generous, you get a guaranteed 5* character every 80 rolls, but you are likely to get 4 to 5 already by then. Finally, as you probably already knew if you are seeing this, the art is top notch. There are some designs for R characters that are iffy, but the art is a big positive. Also, there is 18+ material, just a heads up.

Now for the cons. This isn't much of a con, but I am pretty sure this game has no story (putting N/A in rating), but if I am wrong & it does have one, it is extremely forgetable. The game has a lot of grinding in it, coins are slow to get currently. I'd suggest adding some fun optional (you can get rewards from it but nothing game breaking, usually I suggest cosmetics) mini games to liven up gameplay. And finally, the sound is good, but it sounds muffled (could be because I am using earbuds), and none of the music stands out.

I do recommend this game.

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