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Anidol Colors


Absolutely love! Hope English version would be released soon! (My Japanese is like beginner level😂) The game is lightweight, cute & simple (I just choose "hai" all the time hahaha)

I love the game's concept, art is beautiful, loading time kinda slow. It would be nice if more actions are added.



oh the robot is so cute[開心] I'm amazed at graphic quality of this game, despite its small size. A casual puzzle game that can be played at your own pace.

Customer service is really good! They are so polite&helpful! The game is good but I was so overwhelmed by lotssss of cards so I took a break. It's not just match-3, it's a strategic game! You have to know the mechanics, learn your cards' unique skills and utilize them!

One funny memory: I was in coop battle, tried my best to not be hindrance, and then saw 2 veteran players move at lightning-speed, me: turtle speed😂

The reason I give full stars is because it can be played offline! yay! A good escape game!

Obey Me! Shall we date?


It was so cute, so sweet at the beginning but soon I found out it's very grindy, just like other gacha games. I switched to Otome genre hoping to take a break from grinding/fighting[大哭].

Art is very beautiful, stories are cute but you need to fight battles to progress. And to beat enemies, you need a strong team full of SSR/UR/UR+ units, seems we need dupes too to level up their skills?

Storyline gets boring soon and so does Snowy Bliss' special animation. It drives me crazy how many times I have to repeat the same interactions with surprise guests...

I just want to find a game in which I can interact with characters freely & slowly build up relationship, just to have some fun![大哭]

Games like this make me feel calm, relaxed. Love love [色色]

Dream House Days | Global


Game is just so cute[開心] I love seeing tenants fall in love & get married^^

However, rents go up too fast, and my poor tenants can't keep upTT.TT

Hotel Empire Tycoon


seems promising but I can't play, get stuck at loading screen!

Tried it for 1week, and couldn't force myself to play anymore. Artworks quite unique, but not my type. Game is very generous with stamina & expedition tickets, SS style rate is ok, but the problem is farming for equipments. Oh god, it's a painful process with low drop rate, and very time-consuming. It makes Onmyoji farming look much much better....

There are so many Styles that my poor memory can't remember at all@.@ When checking tier lists, remember to read the associated title also!

I was surprised that the game size was about 4GB before I uninstalled it@.@

Onmyoji | English


Everything is great, except for terrible SSR rate. Can be played casually with not much expectation. Many accounts in my friend list now not active daily anymore...

I've been playing for more than 3 months so now I can update my review to be more accurate.

What I love: great gameplay, nostalgic arts, funny stories, great characters, many challenges, the developers are quite generous, they fix bugs quickly

What I don't love: enemies are soooo strong, ridiculous level of difficulty (at least for F2P), too much time (and brain neurons=)) needed, large update file size (2GB for every major update o.O)

I'm not sure about SSR rate anymore, sometimes I got SSR after 20-40 summons, sometimes I have to hit pity summon (100 vouchers). Ironically, my SSRs units are mostly cute girls while I want to collect husbandos [鬼臉] Seriously, is my account labeled as "male commander"?😂

It's a very slow-paced game, so you have to be really patience or pay a lot to speed up progress. But at least, it's a true gem among so many mobiles games these days.

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