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What's going to be this days flavor?
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What's going to be this days flavor?
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Neural Cloud | English


The game is pretty good, I downloaded this game because I thought it was GFL Xcom, but I was wrong. Nevertheless, I tried it out and ended up liking the game, the graphics and art is good as most gacha would have, the sound I liked in particular the beats were great while playing, the storyline is meh it's a bit similar with alot of futuristic gacha games stories, it's not the games fault it's just that recently I have come across games with predictable and somewhat stale storyline, but as a gacha game I might not appreciate it as much since I'm in for the dopamine rush of pulls. Overall the game is alright above average but nothing too new or leading edge, that is all.

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I can finally create my "PERFECT LIFE-FORM WAIFU".

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