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We're Dying Inside
Slebew 71864522

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We're Dying Inside
Game Comments (2)

overall the game is good and I like it, but sometimes when I play the game the music can suddenly disappear and some note that can't be pressed but that only sometime so thats not really a problem and one thing again.. THE START DASH MISSIONS IS TRASH[發火].



Why did the song restart on its own and my socre got reset too when I play the song?? Man... this is so frustrating so yesterday I paly the game and when it on ensemble time/fever (?) I pause the game so I can grab my drink on the downstairs and when I came back my phone automatic dead because I left it for more than 3 minutes, And when I open my phone again, all of the score, song, voltage got reset on it own.

Um... Maybe That all?? thank you for reading this[不滿]

I don't know it's just happen to me or someone else but after I update to the new version of the app, I can't open the app. Maybe it's just the app but I don't know

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Game rhythm Heyy!! can someone recommend me some rhythm game beside bandori, proseka, ensemble star hehe..
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