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Happy around <3 . My love live days are over :(
Kurumi 71852100

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Happy around <3 . My love live days are over :(
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Its a really great game. it goes in the same order as the series, the storyline is great.the graphics and physics are amazing and so are the voices. although its really hard to get new characters through the gacha eventually you will get some good ones. default tohka op..

Its a good rhythym game the graphics are amazing when you first start out the game is kinda hard. the characters are soo cute! Its easy to earn stars for gacha and theres sooo many songs to choose from. a really good game. bushiroad rhythm games are the best. [開心]

This was my first ever rhythym game. its a really nice game, the cards are nice and theres a large variety of songs to play which is nice. The storys are great and so are the graphics!

This is proably my favourite rhythym game ever. its really fun and there is so many song choices. i play both this version and the english one, and the english one has a lesser variety of songs to choose from but this one has a lot. the anime is amazing i recommend you watch it. anyway the graphics are amazing. it has a good storyline for each unit. all time favorite💕[開心]

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Tsui and Tina HELLS KITCHEN[開心]
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