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Miko Note


I would to play this game, but the game never finish loading.

im waiting few minutes, still loading...

Eden's Door | Japanese


Stucking on tutorial, cause they deal only 1 (0) damage each hitting.....

most bugged game i ever seen...

so stupid, ive restarted the game and it works now...

Legeclo: Legend Clover


Really an Bugged Game, stucking on the first tutorial...

Nevermind, takes long to load about that but works fine.

Alright, the ability has the problem that wont load or takes soo long to loading.
Battle Monsters works normally...

Still works since new update!

Blue Archive | Japanese


Unplayable since anniversary update...



Every apps i downloaded on this store, it crash my internet!

Any solution?

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February has begon and i got this luck from Free Gacha 10x Read Note
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