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よー!!! キノコくんです。
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よー!!! キノコくんです。
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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


theres been a lot of love and effort put in this game! im glad i decided to try it. the girls are super cute, and the catapult gameplay adds some extra fun! an extra detail i didn't expect was the conservation status. its such a little thing, but i appreciate it 🫶

Yeastken Bakery Puzzle


aaa so cute... always been a fan of these devs. im so happy theres another yeastken game...

Cheese Hamster



Go Go! Jump Cat


always love ponos' weird cats. the sfx is oddly charming, and of course endless runners are good time wasters. solid if you wanna stave off some boredom ☆

Pancake Tower


very very casual, basically just stack pancakes until you cant anymore

Touken Nyanbu


soft cute versions of our sword boys ~ so soft and sweet, its a nice time waster and very cute



my favorite offline rhythm game! ☆

chinese songs, beautiful graphics, and honestly a pretty chill experience! i love it ♡

I binge watched the whole series so when I saw this I knew it was the game for me

Pretty casual, not harsh on earning gems for gacha, and the gameplay is relaxing! I like the sfx and the va's.

A really great game for bungou stray dog fans + people who want to get into

(Bonus: you can unlock and read the eps in parts.)

Bouncing Mushroom


Honestly a really cute way to pass the time. Mushrooms are so cute ☆

Mitchiri Neko Dash!


Vocaloid !! And traumatised gay kids! /hj

Vocaloid songs are bangers, the gameplay is challenging so you feel the need to keep trying and trying until you het that full combo, and the storylines are heartwarming, funny and angsty. I love it ♡


The groups have great discography and the visuals are nice. I like that you can optimise a lot for your own comfort. Ex. The size of the notes, the background, etc. I also like the homescreen. The characters are distinct and have chemistry and interesting interactions with each other.

for rhythm gamers, you may not like this game. the graphics, storyline and soundtrack is enjoyable tho ☆

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


cookies running

Mandrake Boys


takes a lot of time, not so much to do, and to make any real progress you'd need to spend money. nice art tho

sword boyss ♡ !!

its true that it has old-ish grindy gameplay, but if you just want to turn off your brain for a while, learn a lil bit abt historical swords, and look at pretty art -- this game is for you ☆

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an eng release!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ im so excited  Read Note
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