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I repost leaks(all from twt) and upcoming updates. - Join server where I put pjsk leaks, updates w/notifs;
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I repost leaks(all from twt) and upcoming updates. - Join server where I put pjsk leaks, updates w/notifs;
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代號鳶 | 台版


I kept seeing this in douyin, It's pretty good.
at first I thought I would need like a chinese social media/ID, I'm rlly glad I didn't need that😭😭

Tips / Farming Crystals Tips mostly

Tier / Farming / Lvl-up Tip -
Use of auto-live; if you're ever lazy to play I recommend using auto live until you use all ur autos, As for why it can be used as farming;

Friendship Title Lvl-up - Rank up; if you also wanna tier and you use the event team, It's kinda hard to explain but I'm gonna explain it by example cuz I'm not good with english😭
- For example The bonus event team is LEO/NEED Member, You go look in the kizuna rank list, and see which of the charac. you have in your team have a friendship title, and pair them up
Like; Ichika × Saki - Putting Ichika as leader and saki as sub leader for faster lvl up friendship, Also to get the crystals u have to lvl it up to rank 2, so when using auto live u have to pay attention to stop the auto in time (at the score reveal) when the their exp is about to be full

anyways now that's done (Needed to do that first cuz it's hard to explain it!!) next

Easy Farming
(Charac. rank)
1.Skill-up all the 1/2/3 star cards
2.Mastery all ur 1/2/3 star cards
3.unlocking all of your 1/2/3 star card's side stories if u do have the (alot of) materials to do so
4.Get ALL sekai world's decorations
5.Area convo's, to refresh it; Settings>home>start / Join Virtual shows>leave (repeat) until you get [almost]all of the area convo's and u could also get the main story chaps when you're done with all of those
6.Join virtual show, I recommend putting an alarm if you rlly need the crystals(Mostly the VS gives u 300 crystals)
7.FC/Score with the songs
8.Stamp Shop if you don't have that much stamp tickets, If you get the almost all characs to rank 6 you'll get a lot of those, Could also get their solo cover card to buy their cover on the shops
9.Costume shops, same with the Stamp shop ofc
10.Current event stories, To access it if you don't know(which a lot of people don't know like the new players) Show>look at the <- up corner and there will be a event banner, There's also uhh a shop there U could buy crystals and other stuff there (name is “Exchange”)
To get event coins thingy U have to keep playing to get those like tiering

as for Tier tip; (! : I am not an expert of tiering but I tier a lot in ensekai)
- Event team bonus (if u have the bonus cards which you'll have to pull duh then use it.)
- I kinda recommend using only 5- Bonus cans😭 unless you do wanna rank up fast then feel free to use more than that ig,
if you don't know how to manage on how much the bonus cans to get used, Show>on top of the Solo and coop shows there will be a select and click it, Then you can go and manage it whatever.

^this is literally what I js do when tiering, There might be more to it but I think a lot of it are not f2p type.

Sorry if my grammar here suck, I'm bad at explaining but I'm trying, This might be helpful to a lot of people so I gotta share it, when I did the easy farming for a month I got abt 40k crystals I think.

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Emu wed card Just 2 more 4* and I'll complete my 8th row of 4*'s[開心] it'll probably take awhile since I only pull on limited banners.. Read Note
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