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Very good game! Not what I usually play tho but it was a pleasant experience [怪笑]

It's targeted mainly to Disney fans and its villains. I'm not any of that but a huge fan of Yana Toboso's artstyle hence me downloading this game. The characters are all young adults with specified ages except for a couple. The storyline is entertaining enough and game mechanics are too diversified: rhythm, battle and taking courses to level up (spell/ card bonds, side story, card level), your cards. Idk how to feel about this game tbh .there's a lot of leveling up to do and the system is well designed to make you pull for different banners besides your fav just to have a powerful team. This is all a very interesting experience. The main downside for me is the size of the game; it takes to much space and we're just beginning! I don't particularly see myself continuing playing this game in the future. I'm holding up till Diasomnia dorm uniform cards are released and then I'll see.



it's a very easy pace game. You can progress a little each day while hanging out with the cute cats [色色] . There's offline rewards so you don't have to spend so much time on the game throughout the day. You do have to watch ads if you wanna progress faster though. I love it so far!! there're many costumes and furniture for your cats to enjoy [哇噻]

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