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Haze Reverb


Literally just artery gear. They even imported the god awful gacha system as well so I hope you like that.



Okay overall but garbage hit detection

Region locked garbage. Another one that will die after a few years on the long chain of dead as hell SAO games.

Very whatever mecha game. Horribly optimized and I can already feel the greed from the company seeping through. It's barely over a week and they have released a banner that has basically a mech that's beyond SSR rarity this early into the game and locking gacha options behind paid currency. Stay away from this game with a 10 foot pole it's not worth playing.

Furry Knight Break!


The game does what it comes here to do and that's fair enough.

Garbage graphics, garbage combat, extremely low rates with extremely low sustainable currency gain. Will be dead in less than 6 months don't even bother with this one.

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