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check out my art on ig or twt @/strixart__
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check out my art on ig or twt @/strixart__
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Obey Me! Shall we date?


i'm not very interested in playing otome / joseimuke games since i often find them cliche or cringe, but i'm really glad i decided to give obey me! a try!! i particularly love how they are pretty gender-inclusive and does not have a set image for the mc (who is visualized as a sheep). the voice actors are amazing and the character designs are attractive! i'm glad they have varying features and skin colors. the gacha (or "nightmare" as its called in the game... very fitting, i must say) rates are sh1t but you get 1 free pull every day and 2 free pulls every two days on different permanent banners. you can also collect card shards from certain lessons / levels and its fairly easy to level up as a player, even without availing the vip membership.

what i don't like is how the storyline seems to get more and more bland or boring the more events ("pop quizzes") they release. it's too tedious, especially with how often it is. i think they release 2-3 events per month (including levi's otaku boot camp), which lasts around 2 weeks each. also, those blasted "story keys" for pop quizzes are an abomination [發火].

i've known of the game before its official jp release, so glad they made an en ver!! i love everything, especially the voice acting and live2d; it makes the characters feel more "alive." not a huge fan of the gameplay tho. the twistunes were hard to get as a new player, particularly the blue and red notes. it took me two days to understand what they meant by "left screen-right screen" so i kept tapping the notes directly lol. also i think it's a bit difficult / confusing where to get the items needed to upgrade your cards.

EDIT: just wanna add i'm disappointed by how many things they changed. sam's skeleton tattoos, cater's way of speaking, the currency name, and more. i kinda understand why they removed sam's tattoos, but why model him after the character in princess & the frog, then? and why keep it on the jp ver if it's considered CA? cater's speech is amusing at first, but hearing the jp voicelines while simultaneously reading the "translated" ver annoys me since the original speech is a lot more calm and a lot less like a twitter influencer or smth like that. the currency name tho is just a minor inconvenience to me, since i was used to the term "madol" instead of "thaumarks".

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help please :( when i do the alchemy class after a few times, the game kicks me out to the title screen, saying i need to find a more stable internet conenction. my internet does not seem to have any issues since i could play my other games and open other internet-dependent apps like usual. additionally, when i tap go back to the title screen, it freezes on the black screen even after i restart the app. this is happening ever since the server maintenance ,,,
is there a way to resolve this issue?
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