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i like traps and other crap
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i like traps and other crap
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i only played cuz Kurumi was my furst waifu

Alchemy Stars | Global


im addicted i need help

update: no longer addicted after 3 weeks

Brawl Stars | Global


really amazing game, but got tired of it after 3-4 years

Heaven Burns Red


jesus christ this game is good. ive never really followed any storylines in game, especially rpg/gacha games, but the voice acting and art was so good that it kept me engaged. the gameplay is pretty good for an rpg, its got some fun and complex aspects that you wont get tired of easily. the sound design and music is easily one of the best ive experienced in a game (as expected from the creator of clannad, always making bangers that hit different)

Geometry Dash


i make content on this game sometime

Arknights | English


saga best girl

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