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Gameplay itself is average. Basic merge to upgrade along with research to increase how high upgrades can go. Story is pretty good so far. The graphics and character art is good, mostly geared towards those of culture which is expected. Overall decent game.

Clash Of Sky丨English


Game is decent. The sounds are pretty lackluster as there is no variety of attack sounds each character makes. Story seems decent so far yet feels lacking due to poor grammar in certain lines. The shared health and AP pool is both good and bad. Good due to characters not falling one by one yet also bad when skills come into play as one character can use up a lot of AP for one skill to where the other characters cannot capitalize on the openings said skill creates that same turn. Graphics are decent though the L2D can use some improvement.

Game is all right. Great fanservice and decent idle gameplay with strategic formations and character classes. A little more variety in music would help. Lack of a story makes it difficult for some people to stick around long term which is my only real gripe about this game.

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