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A rhythmic player who doesn't read event rules who completed events without reading it
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A rhythmic player who doesn't read event rules who completed events without reading it
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The songs that they have added are awesome to play with by changing the timing and note speed by increasing or decreasing by to tap the note faster or slower with different difficultly form easy to master based the level difficultly to get full combo or all perfect

Blue Archive | Global


Do love the character as well as their chibi in the game when playing during the missions, clearing missions have been where you can skip non-boss enemies so that you won't waste your time by seeing all the non-boss enemies battle every time and gacha are great when new character rate up are increased

Aether Gazer | Global


When started to play this game, I thought that early gameplay is grindy but thankfully earlier gameplay is not that grindy as it come during later gameplay where you need to level up your characters skills, weapons and emblems to get stronger to clear levels in hard difficultly even though storyline is locked behind level requirement needing to level up to unlock next story chapter, as for getting daily resources which stuck at 2x at early gameplay but afterward it will increase amount of multiple stage clear.



Love the storyline in the events as well as main story as they have involved mystery and puzzle solving in stories or events

Honkai: Star Rail


After playing honkai star rail even though it turn based game compared to their other games that they have created and so here the review of what do I like this game is that there plenty of different resources everyday with grinding and choosing what difficultly is the best to grind at later stages of the game to ascend the characters to max levels for every different max cap so you can grind other resources for upgrade traces, light cones exp and character level up and you can customize what traces or light cone to build your own characters to clear calyx to grind for other character ancension with/without support of other trailblazer with auto battle and play 2x speed to skip some animation during battles but u have to wait for trailblazer power to fresh or can use stellar jades to refill 60 trailblazer power but it increase the cost for each refill until limit at 8 refills until the limit or use fuel to replenish 60 trailblazer power and you can get free exp to increase your trailblazer level by daily missions, side quest from message or calyx to increase your character level limit

Played LLSIF before and seeing sequel coming out decided to continue playing the game series after going through design changes and gacha changes where it used to be 50 love gems and now it 3000 crystals to pull the character with animation of different groups according to character card pulled, even though it just released hopefully updates will make the game enjoyable

Moon Rabbit Raising


So this game is mostly idle farming and f2p as there gems,coins,weapons to combine and many more while afk for 8 hours as it capped which have to login every 8 hour from starting when you afk, so there is beginner mission to help get new weapons and skills after beginner mission ended your own farming every day to clear levels while collecting weapons to combine and learn new effects for your rabbit and strengthen your attack to clear difficult levels to clear chapters and your afk rewards will be increase amd after leveling up your character to next level there different effect that boost your attack,health,mana increase and many more , so this is awesome game except afk timer limit

Azur Lane | English


Cute battleship to clear chapters and events, graphics are beautiful, battleship girls character are cute but sadly didn't manage to get skin from spending gems as they are expensive and gacha rate are normal when spending 10 cubes

Try this game out for first time hopefully the gacha are good

Great game with cute girls, just the game is like afk battle with timit limit on how long been offline just like girl x battle
Where can improve was the bgm as the sound was ok but voice was amazing, wish there is shortcut for task center as I always missed or don't know what was it at first and could increase the time limit of offline hours as the limit only goes to 12hrs hopefully it will increase

Amazing rhythm game even celebrating their 9th anniversary there a lot change in the system such collaboration and event which give you free ur card for free without spending any money, the shop sometimes offer you free ur card with choice of spending n, r, sr chips if you need to strong deck to clear events or songs

Amazing rhythm game is f2p they give star when reading stories(20 stories x 50 stars each story = 1000 stars or 12 stories x 50 stars each story = 600 stars), gacha rates are great when pulling 10 gacha sometime if are lucky to get 4 stars

Revived Witch | English


Played during the launch, trying different pixel games but this one was the best pixel games that I have played with amazing ost but the catch is gacha rates sometime lucky or unlucky even give you discount for one 10 pull try on each gacha banner so saving crystal for next banner is good as it added to permanent banner if you missed the banner or couldn't get enough crystals

I love this game even though it is japanese and graphics of every illust and characters are beautiful

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Love storyline which have sad and amazing back story. graphics are amazing for every characters there is details, gacha rate are great if are lucky to get characters,stigma and weapon in 10 or 20 pulls and event have amazing rewards such as free characters, stigma options or stigma once you completed the progress.

Very good graphics with storyline but once clear all the stage/storyline there is nothing else expect play events which are good but rewards are grindy or cleared daily mission, sadly is not f2p friendly when cleared daily missions or finished all storyline even though it saving up was not enough to pull more characters or weapons during the events or normal, would I still play this game for me is yes and no.
Yes is for only to grind black card and clear events storyline to pull characters or weapons
No is there is not much to do when finished everything such as storyline and event, when clicking gacha there was a bit of confusion as it was separate from main panel which was a hassle to switch/find the event gacha
So overall it was a amazing but only on start of the game until it become pretty boring once clearing every main story unless playing events was a choice to spend time grinding

Played this game for 300+ days reaching max profile level, it is f2p friendly with free weekly or daily gems in the shop as well as events/collaboration that is interesting

Guitar Girl


Such a claiming game to play with different stories but wish to add more characters back stories in future and add more music to listen

Easy to play but its get grinder with only few skip tickets to use as there only way collected them is guildhoise or clearing level repeatedly and harder when clearing levels even though rank up and level up characters

Heaven Burns Red


HBR have amazing ost songs that i wished they can include more into the game, Pretty storyline with bad ending choices, gacha is normal to me as i play game that are bad gacha rate even though crystal/gems were hard to get to pull 10x characters and overall this amazing turn-based game during the entire game when there is fight you can choose six character orientation to fight with 3 character to start and as wellas there is no bugs or crash. Pretty to say really amazing game to play

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