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Escape Games LIBRARY


a little easy for veteran escape game player

good escape game with regular update

The Tale of Food | Global


love this game ever since the CN version, but start again in Global to better grasp the storyline

too many ads. after each puzzle there's an ad. and each puzzle is very simple, just drag the items to the correct position. imagine dragging one house and see ad, dragging 2 houses and see ad again

Storage Master


okay so the art is super beautiful. the game is not just organise the right objects to the right positions, there are also math puzzles, trimming cat paw and cow hoof (which i hate because somehow the game can't recognise my handwritten number 4, which cause me to lose the math level, and the cat paw trimming too). The reason for such bad review is the excessiveness if ads: ads are everywhere: when you retry a level, when you clear a level, etc

since i don't know Chinese so I can only review about gameplay. It's the basic team attack type (don't know if there's any game terms for this) but yeah, basically you assemble a team then try to overcome levels. The gacha rates is okay, I had 2 UR cards in 30 gacha spins. There are also many other features like guild, socializing with other players, mini games (?) etc. Overall it's a good game to play, the gameplay isn't anything unique or new but I still post this because of the character design [色色]

I played the Japanese version before and comparing with English version, the English one has more outfits that need to use diamonds to obtain. Like one same outfit, while you can get ig for free in JP ver, you need to use diamonds in Eng ver. Plus there's a gacha that needs special tickets to draw. And the special tickets are obtained through paying money to buy only

the game is a good way to spend time. the arts and designs of character are cute. the gameplay is very simple, match 2 same food ingredients together. however ther's a time limit each stages and the amount of ingredients each stage is small, so i have to play more than 5 times a stage to make 1 dish

this game seems to be a p2p game, as when i opened the app, a notice pop up and said "Unable to get a valid license" and 2 options "Buy" and "Retry"

Since it's a Chinese game so you have to register with Chinese ID card, but you can use fake info on Google so that's easy. You can't enter the player name in English but rather in Chinese. The art is normal to me and the gameplay is so so

Cozy Cotton Days


the game is easy to understand at first sight: gather ingredients and make food. But the mini games to gather them are hard to control. The first one is like Flappy Bird but you have to whack(?) the birds and rocks flying at you AT THE SAME TIME with tapping the fan to fly. The second one is swiping left and right to avoid obstacles, which is kinda easy until an octopus' ink make you cannot see the obstacles, and you die. The last one is kinda the game "Whack a mole", or a tapping version of Fruit Ninja, tap the animals and avoid bombs.

the game looks promising but i can't play it at all. it stops at the main screen

Idle Cat Company Tycoon


it's your usual tycoon game but not a clicker game. the gameplay is easy to understand and it's has english too. basically you play gacha to have types of cats, assign them in the company, get coins and play gacha again. there are also mini games and chats with the cat emplyees

the art and music is superb. the game is in korean so it's hard even for a korean beginner like myself. i've basic knowledge and can read korean but in this game, i can't understand what the guests want and how to make drinks (i can guess and memorise a few request). so let say that this game is friendly for those who know korean only

Cafe Heaven


this game is so cute and user friendly. the gameplay is easy to understand: you grow trees to get ingredients for sandwiches. The hard part is that it's in Korean, which i only know super basic words lol. You have to pay attention to the name of the trees to know the Korean name of the ingredients, then skim the requests of the guests for those word (which works most of the time)

The Fruit of Evil


the game overall is ok, although it will make you doubt your IQ sometimes lol. The plot is just so so, it doesn't have that much drama which i expected. The ending feels unsatisfied, i expected more details. One big drawback is the mini games, i don't know how to play at least 2 mini games so ads ads and more ads

Mystic Mansion


This game is really cute, some levels are very easy. However the boosters (or the 4 or 5 combo) make it very hard to pass some levels, because there's no 4 combo square which made the paper plane like other match 3 games, and there's no combo that will clear a vertical line or horizontal line

Living God


I rate the storyline 3* cuz i don't know Japanese so i cannot understand it very well, but somehow i still pass the game lol. Anyway i think this one is cool cuz it also makes you choose different actions, like tasokare hotel :))) the bgm is so soothing and the art is great. The puzzles are kinda easy but some clues are overflow with Japanese, for example a paper full of Japanese and some pictures too. Those clues make me want to uninstall the game

Too easy :(((

4 Doors 16


The art style is simple yet still fascinating, the puzzles are ok and quite easy

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