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Majin Mansion


This game is really cute, some levels are very easy. However the boosters (or the 4 or 5 combo) make it very hard to pass some levels, because there's no 4 combo square which made the paper plane like other match 3 games, and there's no combo that will clear a vertical line or horizontal line

Living God


I rate the storyline 3* cuz i don't know Japanese so i cannot understand it very well, but somehow i still pass the game lol. Anyway i think this one is cool cuz it also makes you choose different actions, like tasokare hotel :))) the bgm is so soothing and the art is great. The puzzles are kinda easy but some clues are overflow with Japanese, for example a paper full of Japanese and some pictures too. Those clues make me want to uninstall the game

Too easy :(((

4 Doors 16


The art style is simple yet still fascinating, the puzzles are ok and quite easy

SpiceApp games never fail to amaze me. This one is a good one

It's a fine game, too short for me, i want to solve more puzzles before the escape. It took just 5-7mins you know

Stone Sauna


This is a hella good escape game. Not too difficult but not too easy. Plus the music is cool

3D Jigsaw


I can't even play a single puzzle. It keeps telling me to update but when i click the button there's nothing to update????

It's just ok

It's harder than i thought. Stucked at some points but i could escape successfully

It's to easy for me :(

An okay escape game. It's kinda hard cuz there's no hint. And after using gadgets and tools they didn't disappear so it's hard to know which tools are left to use

Don't know why but it keeps crashing



It's need Chinese name and Chinese ID, which is suck

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So apparently unlocking all those circles doesn't give me the full CG of the character :( Read Note
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