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hey everyone, it's onion here!
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hey everyone, it's onion here!
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Works perfectly! Shame readings is only possible once a day though



A bit hard to follow if you dont know alot of japanese, but if you like the beatcats you'll love this!

Google Translate


exactly what it says on the tin



great game to play with friends or even alone, so much avatar customization and so many games! really great!

PlayStation App


I love that i can just buy things from the app if im away from the console, it also gives you access to custom profile pictures as ps5 has pretty much ended support for themes and avatars (although you can still buy them on ps4)

Really great messaging service easy to use and visually appealing!

I love this game! Even though i only understand some basic japanese i can still enjoy this game!! 100/10!

Edit: It's way more fun now i speak japanese alot more fluently

Yo-kai Watch Land


fun and cute works well with all my medals

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