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is this a game and is there a tutorial to play this game
why do we rate this game in the first place



At this point I don't even play Roblox at all, the only sole reason I do enjoy this is just the limited accessories trading system, despite of being a pool filled with games, it's a great place to enjoy trading with others. In the aspect of making profit and projections are cool things to have around.
Honestly if you do not enjoy trading maybe this review is irrelevant but if you do own multiple limiteds you would enjoy the taste of trading. And I understand that if you wanted to start off trading from the initial point it will be extremely difficult since you won't spend an enormous fund like 1,000 dollars for robux. Still, I'm an old player and I have limiteds to go on trading with but I also have no idea why I'm typing this review if I've played long ago but worth it to remind that Roblox is not just a place for futile, halfwit simulators/ roleplaying games but also an exquisite trading area which consists multiple concepts of economy
and don't ask me for robux I'm poor

Just straight to the point, without wasting time on words to describe the imbecile things, this is legitimately a free to play, reasonable game
The sole aspect that must be highlighted here is the prizes are rewarded based on percentages. Thus, the prize pool for the first place is labelled as 1% and this indicates that even if you aren't in the first place, as long as you could reach the top 1%, you will be rewarded the same prize as the first place's prize too.
In the pvp section, unless you're trying to climb the leaderboard for fame, or else there is no reason for you to feel like paying money to reach ultimately high ranks. The prizes are rewarded on the top 1%, 10%, 50%, etc for the highest ranking and the prizes are just slightly different from one to one, there's just no vast difference on prizes that will make you feel unfair on the prizes given
Another point that this game offers a lot of free gems, and technically, having free gems is better than having free ultimately overpowered arsenal. If a game offers free ultimately overpowered craps for everyone, it would be horrible as everyone owns it too, it won't be unique, but instead of being common.
I'm not interested in commenting the game designs but I like the decorations for kingdom so that's it



It sucks if you are not going to try this game out, not only everything is free to play, it has various unique patterns/ designs, challenging SV/ scroll speed, versatile playstyles and whatever just interestingly cool
So far out of those rhythm mobile games, it is just boring to watch those judgelines that is always on the same position, the same ways it approaches, or literally just like that. With this game, you'll experience lots of cool events that you never endeavoured in your goddamn life
Like seriously just try it and you don't have to watch ads or pay money or anything like that

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