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Just someone who plays Cookie Run Kingdom and Bang Dream Girls Band Party on JP and EN, also D4DJ
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Just someone who plays Cookie Run Kingdom and Bang Dream Girls Band Party on JP and EN, also D4DJ
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Very great game and better than bang dream to my opinion, why you may ask? Well for starters all the songs are jamming and they have songs that are from other games or artists that are not in the D4dj universe which i thought was awesome as they introduced me to many great songs from games or artists I've never heard of before. There's also solo covers where the song is sang by only 1 character in d4dj and even those are bangers to listen too. The gameplay is interesting and can be a challenge but theres 2 modes, 1 where only the hold and tap notes are available and the other is where you get those and the sliders and the dj turntable things so anyone can play. The cards are also beautiful to look at and has more songs and collabs than EN which is why this is the better version dispite EN having Here comes hope and the rhythm doctor songs. So wait are you waiting for, step into the D4dj world and see the amazing experience for yourself!

Only played the beginning part of it but so far it's really good! The 3d live parts especially!! [開心]

Everyone keeps saying JP better this and JP better that, but this version, despite being a year behind is my main and will always be my main account. It has the charm that the original version has from songs to costumes and art, this and JP will have a place in my heart, but for main, it'll always be EN to me though and though. Also, for those on the paidxfree route, only buy paid stars to do the paid gachas that got a rainbow ticket for it so in case you don't get a four star that you want in the gacha, the rainbow ticket will be there as a backup plan![開心] Oh, also 2 of the songs from Poppn Party and Roselia got English versions that are not available in JP so that's a plus, also please do Wonderful Sweet or Survivor Never Give Up from Pastel Palettes next bang dream! #PastelPalettes #Ayabestgirl

This is basically a game everyone needs to play, it's so cute and awesome to see cookies saving the world from destruction. Desisters often gives us diamonds, cubes and building items at any given opportunity, whether for as a apology or part of thier events, they really do know how to make an epic game that's for both free to play and pay to make things easy types and I love it!🤗🥳💗 also anyone who hates this game.... fix yourself.

Guitar Girl


A sweet and calming clicker with a beautiful soundtrack to go with it!

Everyone is so cute, especially the Pastel Palettes! 🥰💗 I also really love the covers as much as their original songs, but, theres some things to lowers the rate for me. Firstly, Hello Happy World gets too many songs and special difficulty addtions compared to Pastel Palettes and the dlc bands who dont get as much, then, theres Hina being the new main vocalist for Pastel Palettes reducing the band from 5 to 4. i know its because of of them not finding Aya's new VA in time, but this really stings as someone whos favourite character is Aya, luckily Kirafest came back eventually but still no Aya cards, content or news so rating is the same. So, the gameplay is really fun though and rate up is not the worst thing in the world, but dam those things i mentioned really bothered me to the point where my rating must be lowered so hopefully bang dream can learn from these mistakes. #ripayamaruyama #rippastelpalettes #why

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free d4dj jp accounts thier luck on start dash gacha ran out, so if anyone wants them, let me know. (Kurumi and Kokyo anniversary account taken) Read Note
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