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my content only keep good memories
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my content only keep good memories
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great graphics good audio doesn't consume a lot of battery or heat up gives several rewards and characters for your account I have nothing to complain about this wonder. [憋屈][哇噻] pc pls+ fullscreen


Blue Sky Arena | Japanese


[怪笑]beautiful game, well done game simply beautiful characters well worked perfect graphics playing the japanese version running smooth without defects lying down and waiting for the global version and a little expectation for a version also for pc i think i started well.

Heroes War: Counterattack



Destiny Child | Global



Epic Fantasy


the graphics are good the characters are beautiful i had stopped playing now i'm back again the music is very good of this addictive game.[哇噻][賣萌]


Exorcist in Island


[憋屈]I have a problem with the game I really want to continue playing it and it's very fun the only problem is that my characters appear in pink but the rest of the game is normal. I think the game already comes with HDR enabled in some games this happened but when I disabled HDR the game returned to normal. but this one doesn't have the option it doesn't have on exocist island :( I just wanted to play :( if there was a version for pc it would solve everything I think all games in this style of game like exo heroes, lord heroes, elune[憋屈][難過]


League of Pantheons


(  ̄ 3 ̄) the world needs more games like this, good gameplay, well-crafted character. beautiful wives what I didn't like very much is this system that prevents you from advancing the story mode other than that is great.

Simply wonderful game with many features available. Craft system, raids, brutal caravan battles, capture upgradeable monsters. various beautiful waifu embark on adventure a big world awaits you, huge map with many stories.[開心][哇噻]

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:3 while the global version doesn't come out for pc let's go to japoneses XD Read Note
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