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Sword Hunter


I like this one a lot... reminds me of hack-and-slash games tbh. My only complaint is that they dont have a way to permanently get rid of ads. As a lot of rewards and boosts require you to watch ads, despite how fun and enjoyable the game is when played in moderation, that is the one thing that is a turn-off for this game for me.

It really, really could use a permanent ad-remove button. I'd pay for it, too. probably up to a good 10 or 15 of currency for it.

Id also recommend this to ppl constantly if there was such a thing, since that's the only missing thing to make the game able to be recommended in my book. Itd be the only thing free players would need to buy, and the rest is by choice if they want.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation


It's a pretty good app for playing yugioh, but sadly, the servers are long gone now, so it's only offline. I'd recommend getting a mod version from somewhere trustable, but... i dont think i would ever recommend this app before recommending 'master duel'. Especially since the base app without mod will start you off with almost nothing useful to use in game among your cards.

That and this game has glitches galore. And the mod was imperfect, so it has some more glitches...

I think the only thing that helps make this app useful is that it has an actually in-game rulebook. The problem is, it's larger than the rl one that has 45 pages...

Was a amazing app back then to a extent, now days id say go to 'master duel', and if ur new, do yourself a favor and play solo for a good while before playing ranked matches or anything really elsewise. Even a beginner with a structure deck will crush u if you dont know what ur doing, and a stronger player definitely will if u dont at least try to get some better cards than the 'barely able to be called a starter deck' stuff they give you to learn with. id say more but this is long-winded enough for a outdated app that i only use the mod version to test some mechanisms of the new one on, without the need to use points on cards i want to test beforehand.



Hmm... This has gotten better than it was before on mobile... but the room feature as of the previous update was absolute crap. I can't say if that's been fixed or not since I didn't use it recently. but the only connection issue i had was most times playing in a room. i can imagine if i had not as great data to use for a connection, it would be terrible, and room function would be fully unuseable then.

I'd only suggest this to those with a good connection when they play or those who have boundless or at least high patience otherwise.

Its amazing card game ive been into since i was a child...although that might make me a bit bias so i will admit that the amount of rules and technical rules in game are a bit overwhelming at first for most. And while this game will teach you how to play... it won't teach you the technical rules, since pretty much everyone has to find those out themselves when they encounter them.

Basic rulebook in Rl is at least some 45 pages since they gp over everything, but its not nearly as bad here. They give you a hands-on run-down of how to do everything that you need to know to play, in a very simple way, and reward you the first time you complete any run-down of the rules to play.

It's a complex game, but with 'duel generation' kinda gone now(you can find it as a mod, but that's about it... and no server), this is probably the best/better way for most who start off to play.

Especially in the case that one wants to play in rl, maybe sometime in the future, this app would be a good place to start.

All in all, it's a pretty great app for what is heralded as the "#1 card game in the world. "... or at least it was, and as far as i remember, it is still.

Recommend to anyone who likes card games that isn't worried about having to learn or who likes the show or watched it at some point and thought it was interesting or is already into the card game.

So long as you have a good connection &/or patience, this is the app you'll want to get if you wanna play yugioh like it should be (aka unlike the "micro" version of 'Duel links', i find that apps playstyle to be way to restricted compared to this one).

(And as a plus, the system for getting cards is way better than in rl... I wish i could just "generate" an rl card i want after trading in 3 others i dont. Would be awesome, lol).

Shadow Hunter: Lost World


If there's a Admin or similar, please help if possible(note about this at bottom of review).


This game is one of the best app games ive found. Im bad at doing reviews, but I had more reasons than just the event to review this. This game is extremely enjoyable, and the only reason I dont rate this a perfect score is due to the problems ive always had using a older device with it. I admit they've stepped up their game in that regard compared to before, but it still gets really laggy for me pretty much every level.

Note for Admin or similar:

That said, i love this game and how much they put into it. The only real problem ive had was that i originally had it from google play, and it was shortly after i was forced to take it off my phone (due to it and other apps taking too much storage), that it became unavailable there on the play store. i lost my save file and had no way to recover due to not having kept my id, and for some reason, even thou i had it in my "library" on playstore, it was deleted from there at the time of it being removed from the store.

I cant say it is anyone's fault though since they did give a way to recover the playstore data one lost when that occurred. I can only say that "it sucks, but at least there's new content when i returned". My Play store version account was from when they had been just introducing the 3rd "stage" and the 2nd character was out only for a month at most i believe.

I really doubt i can get that previous account data/save back, but if a admin could help me with that, I would greatly appreaciate it.

(Also had a question about certain "paid content" and how long it can last for(before i decide if i want to purchase something sometime soon, im waiting to figure it out first but no progress so far.), so if someone sees this and can help please give me notice in a way i can see without having to check(aka some kind of more direct message than this hopefully)

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What I imagine the "Comet Dragon" called "Jawzahr" from mythology would look like. #ShareLockScreen 
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