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I hope you're not expecting a real review from me

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Easily one of my favourite rhythm game;
- Graphics: The graphics is good (some might lag or bug a little but otherwise it's fine). Also there's mode for 3DMV or 2DMV or original MV or just lite in case your phone or tablet can handle the graphics. You can also dress them up and make them dance im it :D
- Sound: You'll get an option to either choose Virtual Singers (Vocaloid) cover or the Sekai covers depending on which version you like. There are also solo covers but you have to exchange cover cards for them. The song choices are great and some great songs are there, like Law Evading Rock and Hibikase.
- Gameplay: Thumb-friendly. Kinda great for mobile users on a way. There's also co-op mode where you can play with other people or make a private room and play with your friends (and spam stamps lol). There are also events where you can get stuffs once you collected the points.
Gacha.. Let's just say it has.. very sucky rate haha. I might be lucky because I can get a 4* in my first pull but I'm pretty sure most people don't get this lucky. My total pulls for the June Wedding event is 21 ten pulls just so I can get BOTH Wedding Rui and Toya cards.
- Storyline: Storyline is intriguing. Not gonna lie, when I first downloaded it, I didn't expect it to have so many interesting casts and side stories.
Overall value, it's great. Do try of you like Vocaloid (or some songs they commissioned).


Boy oh boy... Review time!
(Clearly this is one of my most anticipated game lol)

Okay, first. Graphics. The graphics is very pretty given that Yana Toboso took a part in drawing it (..?). The gameplay has chibi style as you can see in the preview pictures but don't let that make you down! It's still cute ^^

Gameplay is cool. The battle and the rhythm mode game is simple but entertaining. You can easily play it even though you haven't played any rhythm games or if you're bad at it.

Gacha. GACHA. I'm not sure if you can do this in other summons, but the first summon lets you reroll as much as you want. You can just reroll until you get the one you want!

The voice acting is also very good (I'm a sucker for voice acting in games and animes, that's the only reason I'm bringing this up lol)

10/10, play it. It's worth it.

Toram Online


(Updated) Game is good. There are tons of kind players willing to help newbies and also a great ton of guides on the internet. It makes leveling up and progressing the story easier. If you're struggling with the bosses of main quests, simply leave the battle and re-enter on easy mode. By the time you're at the end of Chapter 3, you'll be at least level 65.

Starting the game, I myself choose katana and at level 70, I created a new character who uses staff and quickly get myself familia skill and blizzard for easy farming. Use the board to check the easiest item to grind for extra spinas, which you can use to buy better equipments (like the ones that gives mana).

Graphics is ehhhh so-so but since it's an old game, I'll say it's good enough. The avatars are very cute and I'm not sure if it's only me, but they give a blue school uniform avatar set for free so there's no rush in getting orbs to pull avatar gacha.

Song is also nice, it really captures the theme of an old mediaeval (????) game. Not sure about the boss fights tho.

Gameplay is fairly easy, you just need tons and tons of grinding. Kinda like Alchemia Story in a sense.

That's all I can share for now. If there's anything else, I'll edit my review to let you know (´⊙ω⊙`)

How do I even rate this app lol

Discord is basically a part of my social life at this point. I checked it frequently and it's easy to make friends with others especially if you're in the same server as them. You share the same interest and that lets you talk about the things you like there :P

However, if you have a low end phone you might think the app is a bothersome because it's just. way too laggy. I had ot in my old phone and I just deleted it because it took so long to even type in a message.

Sevens Story


I really love the game. Despite being chibi styled, the details of every character is always so pretty.

Since there's no global release for this game, I will never know what's going on with the storyline and the character upgrades unless I screenshot everything and translate it lol. All that I know is the main characters name :')

The gachas isn't bad especially for beginners as you can pull everyday for free for the first 7 days since the time you downloaded the game (or at least thats what Google Translate says √(─皿─)√). You can get tons of 4 stars in that Gacha and probably even a 5 star if you're lucky.

To level up the characters, click on the button that has a monster icon and then click the button that has silver coloured monsters. You need to use keys to be able to play it, and you can get a lot so don't worry about using them. I suggest you to use a strong partner(?)/friend to clear them.

Collabs are also a usual thing so there's a chance that your favourite anime will be in the game, who knows _(√ ζ ε:)_

Dragon Raja | Global


Graphics is. Pretty.
Just, beautiful. I often zoom into my character and even the details of the clothes can be seen clearly. It's something that easily amaze me into downloading this game.

The gameplay is pretty much like other RPGs. You fight monsters, spam skills, dodge attacks and that's it. But you might wanna team up with someone in this game because it's more beneficial when you're doing dungeon challenges etc.

A lot of people already mentioned this but, don't expect your character to have a major role in the story. Sometimes, the majn quest is basically get some water for them or something like that. I'm at Chapter 7 and so far, I don't think there's any romance going on between the MC and the characters (beside the girl you see at the beginning). I just wanna date Johann dkkcjdf

Ok this one actually shocks me. There's no gacha in this game. Unless you pay with real money for the gacha currency, you'll be stuck with the free outfits that they give you, mostly by leveling up or doing the story. It's a little disappointing because that would mean you'll probably look like other people around you. There's also dye but even then you need to use cards to activate random colours (which means you might even get colours you don't want).

It's still pretty fun to me _(:3 」∠ )_

It's simply addicting and the graphics are top notch. Even the chibis are adorable.

The gacha rates is actually pretty good especially if you pull Step Up Gacha (If you want to pull another gacha that's not Step Up, make sure to have lots of moons so you won't be disappointed with what you get. I usually save up until 1600-ish moons before pulling it). So basically, if you're a beginner, I recommend you go for the Step Up ones as those guarantees an SSR at Step 3, which helps a lot to finish the battles easier and faster.

The main storyline is basically the same as the original series, but there are some side stories you can get from events and gacha characters which is something I usually look out for.

So yeah, this game is very easy and simple. You can play this when you're bored ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧

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