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idk man
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idk man
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Promise of Wizard


this game is my comfort game and i will never regret downloading this. i’m thankful to know these wizards and they’ve became my happiness.

If you’re interested in cards, tarots, and fortune. Then this game might be for you and if you’re not interested with those then you can skip this. The game is pretty entertaining for me atleast. Though, I must say there’s a lot of things to improve here but since this game is just newly released. I understand that there’s not much. However, I’m looking forward to its possible improvements as time passes by.

wakatte yatten daro yo- yo- turida yo!

very inspirational, this game taught me so many things like unloyalty and how to lessen your sleep or not sleep at all. they are all so lovable and i don't even know who to pick because they dragged me to each of their hell (though, i won't even try to escape and will continue living happily with them) i eventually became attached to them equally.

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yo, friends anyone? i got too busy on the last event and i didn't realize that i don't have any friends yet here so let's be friends onegai  Read Note
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