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A Very Normal Mashiro fan. I think you can tell...
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A Very Normal Mashiro fan. I think you can tell...
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I love this game! A lot. By the way there's no real explanation like the pros and cons, and are just opinions I wanted to share. Just in case you're assuming. It doesn't look... good either. I'll keep this short, I think, but anyway, the overall sfx of the game are nice to hear and just like how sekai does, some of the charts melt my brain with the sfx. Though this only applies to note sfx 3... if that's the right term.

I love the characters and bands too. Some of them don't have much depth, but they are still quite likable for personality and looks. Morfonica and MyGO are personally my favorite bands because they're either silly, adorable, and/or relatable. And their stories personally appealed to me more than the others. Plus Morfonica has Mashiro in it. Anyway, I can't wait for MyGO to release in this server because their story and characters are so well-written, and their cards look good! The anime about them is literally a damn masterpiece with lots of depth, a really stressful build up leading up to ep 10 that I did NOT like at all, and great character development (imo ofc). I think you guys went just a *liitle* too hard on creating them. They deserve all the popularity they have.

I love the music too! I think this is because of my preference for more strong-sounding stuff. As of now, I can't decide which ones would be my favorite because they're just so damn good. The cards in other gacha games are really cool and all, but Bandori's just hit different. They make me ascend to heaven and it's like my soul got snatched the moment I saw some permanent card that definitely does NOT look like a permanent card. It even has what some people call Kirameki Festival cards, that have LITERAL CUTSCENES and beautiful artwork after said cutscene. (and btw my favorite is Sky-Colored Sea) Another thing though...

SHIRO MY BELOVED 😭😭😭 I am willing to spend (more like waste tbh) all of my effort, blood, sweat, tears, money, and sanity just to dedicate myself to you and feel the pure bliss of having lots of Mashiros, more Mashiro titles, entirely Mashiro-themed decorations in multilive, Mashiro event titles, and knowing that I truly love Shiro-chan with all of my heart and existence. I beg of you, PLEASE give me all the Mashiro cards and ALL OF THEM, gacha gods. And not only her but the entirety of Morfonica. In fact, it is a need. I have done nothing very wrong to experience such horrid luck and I don't think this is too much to ask. Please don't steal all my money (pixels on a screen shaped like a star with a number beside it) that I earned from pure hard work, endurance, and dedication. (please send help)

Game's nice. As for the gameplay, it's really easy, but still quite fun. imo, what they did with the sfx in the rhythm game part is really great! some charts melt my brain from just how satisfying it is to hear the goddamn gold notes and flicks do their thing. UI is okay, I guess. Gacha quite sucks imo. Of course, because of the horrible rates. I love the characters so much. In my personal opinion, the characters are so good. Most of them are beautiful, and the characters' stories are relatable and has everything it should have to appeal to an audience, mostly mentally unstable people. My favorites are Minori, Mizuki, and Nene if you even care. And of course the music's good, so I'm not gonna talk much about that.

BUT MOST OF ALL, can you dumbass goofballs in the reviews spamming your stupid fave's name take a look at the pinned goddamn post at the timeline? You're kinda inconveniencing people. I imagine all of you as some drooling zombie mindlessly tapping on yo clipboard.



I actually love this game so much oh my god

The music has made me have an eargasm multiple times! The title screen music (including the old ones), menu, world mode, and everything just slaps in general. anyway... my favorites are lost desire, rise of the world, and sheriruth. This may change later. Thought I wanted to share this for the sake of sharing.

This game also keeps me interested in reading the story and makes me want to read more, unlike some others... maybe because it's a wall of text? maybe because it's interesting? well, anyway, my current favorite ones are lasting eden and the main story. This may also change later because I haven't read everything yet.

The gameplay is really fun as well. Even though there's not that much content I could access since I haven't spent a ton, and I mean A TON of money on this game, I still keep on playing it because it's fun. Maybe because I haven't been playing it for a long time yet, that may change soon. This is my own personal opinion.
2024: Turns out I was right! I'm barely playing this game anymore but the gameplay still remains to be really good.

I love the character designs a lot as well! Everyone is so majestic especially tairitsu holy shit I love her

As for how the game looks in general (including sfx), it's really good. I'm *kinda* surprised that devices don't really need much to run Arcaea properly because the quality is just so damn high. In my opinion, of course.

I'm not exactly a fan of the fact that you have to spend money just to even unlock more than probably 20% of the game, but that's not really a thing huge enough to destroy my opinion on it.

The only thing I dislike in this game is that goddamn world mode. Well no actually, I hate it.

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