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Gacha addict
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Honkai: Star Rail


Graphics: Anime Graphics just like other miho- ahem I mean hoyoverse games. In other words the same graphics like in honkai and genshin impact.

Sound: Very nice soundtracks. Maybe not the best OST that I ever heard in game but I can't complain. There's OST for every region and OST for fight and OST for events(by events I mean forgotten hall etc.)

Gameplay: Unlike honkai and genshin Gameplay in this game is turned based instead of action type. In other words the game focuses a little bit more on strategic point rather than dodge/attack and stay alive. It really depends on you whenever this style of combat will pull you in. At first I thought it's going to be repetitive but at least for now I still really enjoy it.
As for the rest of the game. It's an open world type but I feel like you're stuck more in the early honkai type open world(you can't jump, there are areas where you can't go and you just don't have as much freedom as you have in genshin in general [for example you have to follow a path instead of taking shortcuts as you would in genshin which for me is pretty annoying [汗顏]] )

Storyline: Just like in other hoyo games the storyline is very in depth. Even tho the game has just realised there's already a lot of side lore in general. Even if the main storyline is a little bit short as of now[難過] Ah in other words I enjoy both main and side storyline even if side one can sometimes be a little boring. Oh right. There's also A LOT of references to genshin.

Value: As of now the game is a little bit buggy but it's to be expected of game that has just launched. Since I do not have any bad significant things to say about the mechanics it's time to talk about gacha[暈]
The gacha system is the same as in genshin. After 90 pulls you have 50/50 to get guaranteed 5* character or one of the 5* standard banner ones. So it might get 180 if you have the worst luck ever to get character you want. As for the earning of currency... It's also the the same type as genshin. So you either grind a lot and do you dailies or pay real money for fictional waifus[發火] I really hate this greedy system but oh well that's just how hoyo is.

Touhou Dungeon Dive


Graphics: 3D graphics that are... Not very good. It feels like 3D mobile game graphics from like 7 years ago? Or maybe even more. [汗顏] Both playable characters and enemies animations are extremely glitchy.

Sound: Not too much music there. During normal battles/menu there is some generic soundtrack(There could be some other soundtracks but I started playing my own music because I got sick of this generic soundtrack after 2 minutes[暈]) During boss battles there is bad apple playing for some reason tho[睡覺] It doesn't really fit anything or something. It's just there...

Gameplay: You start off as Reimu. After you die the first time you get into the menu where you can equip Marisa to make a duo. You Control one and the other is just going around very randomly and shoots one shot once every 5 seconds or something around that (didn't count). Oh and your AI partner can easily die since they really just go VERY randomly. Apart from that it's just a gacha survival/shooter? You kill everyone in the room get buffs and go to the next room. Something like Binding of Isaac for mobile but extremely glitchy and very boring.

Storyline: There is some storyline but this game is only in Japanese and I'm only a beginner in it. So I won't rate it.

Value:Well. There are way better gacha games, bullet hell games or whatever it is out there. Oh and I forgot to mention about the awful and greedy gacha system to get better armor and characters. This game is extremely p2w and it just sucks in general. I really don't recommend it. But you can try it out yourself and see if it's fun for you.

A Dance of Fire and Ice


Graphics: Just like the pc version. The backgrounds are nice and stages are polished. Drawn like graphics and some lightning gives a nice feeling. In other words simple yet beautiful.

Sound: One of the most important things is that the mobile version doesn't have the online levels like the pc version. This is a real shame since you can only access original levels and there's not to many of them. Which of course means limited soundtracks that are really good.

Gameplay: It's easier than the pc version since you don't need to click specific keys but just anywhere on screen. If you're not familiar with the pc game version it's a rhythm game where you need to click at the specific time to complete the level along with beat and music.


Value: Is it worth buying? Personally, no. Even though it's cheaper it doesn't have online levels which sucks. As long as they don't add online levels I do not recommend buying this version but buying the pc one. Of course that's just my opinion. So if you want to buy it for example because you are skilled at mobile rhythm games and not so much at pc rhythm games or you just want to support the game dev, go ahead.

Graphics: The graphics are alright. After all it's a literal touhou replica for android so obviously the graphics are not the strongest aspect of it[暈]

Sound: Since the dev couldn't just simply put in the original touhou series music he remixed it(I'm not sure if every music is a remixed version of original touhou but I recognized some of them) The remixes are very good to listen to[色色]

Gameplay: Touhou Gameplay but on android. You can change sensibility and difficulty. If you're familiar with the franchise you can choose some of your favorite waifus and each of them has two skills to choose from before you start. In case you're not familiar with touhou Gameplay it's basically bullet hell. You dodge bullets and try not to die.


Value: There are no ads and everything is free. It's my current favourite game to play when I'm bored or If I'm just in a mood to play it. The original touhou series is obviously better but this android replica has really exceeded my expectations[色色]

Graphics: Anime type Graphics that get better every update. Not really much to say. Both characters and battle backgrounds have some uniqueness to them. (older characters aka characters that were in the game since launch have less interesting designs but as I said before it gets better with every update.)

Sound: PGR have one of the best OST's in gacha games community (at least in my opinion). There's new OST every update and each one of them is very good.

Gameplay: the gameplay is just like honkai with major changes if you've ever played this Gacha before.(For me it's smoother and more satisfying but that could just be personal taste ofc.) The Gameplay is fast paced and smooth with an orb system. The earlier bosses/enemies are pretty easy and slow but as you progress there are going way more difficult and fun.

Storyline: Well storyline one is kinda tough. Pgr has a LOT of plot. On one hand the storyline CAN be interesting but every cutscene(scene with storyline? Idk how to name it[汗顏]) is at least 5 minutes of reading pretty boring at times storyline. As I said before in many moments it is amusing/interesting apocalyptic theme but after a while the story just kinda starts to drag. In conclusion I'm really unsure how I feel about the story tbh.

Gacha system: For beginners the gacha system might seem kind of unwelcoming since you need at least 16,200 bc to get a guaranteed S rank character, but as you progress and unlock pain cage and warzone along with nice rewards for beating the story stages getting an S rank will be less exhausting. But yeah until you're going to be middle game/ maybe even late middle game it will be tiring to keep grinding for bc.

Value: I think pgr is one of the most f2p friendly Gacha's out there even considering it's flaws. [厲害]
But as the updates will go on it might take way more space on your phone than it does now and another thing is that the global is around 1 year away from CN server. Current CN event is 21 an amplifier when global has only just gotten pulao. So the suspense for the new character to be released along with possible spoilers are pretty much guaranteed.

Touhou LostWord | Global


So... After a long while of playing this game as a f2p it is time to rate it.

Graphics: The graphics are cute. Every character is unique in her own way(Yeah, if you haven't guessed by "touhou" every character is a female from the series of the bullet hell games) There's really nothing to add. All of the characters are drawn in the same cute-anime style and have a chibi gameplay model.

Sound: The music in my opinion is one of the best aspects of the games. Apart from collecting of course. The music in battles or story is very repetitive and you grow tired of it after a while but nearly every update they release a new soundtrack/song of a particular character. Most of them are pretty good. At least in my opinion.Tho I wish that they would start caring about the battle and story music since it's just a missed opportunity.

Gameplay:The worst aspect of this game is it's gameplay. Funny right?[害羞]Who would have thought that creating complex yet boring Gameplay would be a bad idea? Well, certainly not people behind the game it seems. Well. The Gameplay... Is certainly interesting for the first 10 minutes. But when you start to get into middle game you realize that this gameplay is very repetitive and yeah pure trash. As for the complex part stated earlier... Oh. If you want to get into the strategic aspect of the game it's... Not the best idea. Even tho the gameplay is repetitive and boring if you actually want to creative your own team for the end game hard content, good luck! The game's tutorial only tells you the most basic features of the gameplay but it leaves out pretty much everything more advanced. For example that every character has a specific killer for a specific foe. Also, every character has different element(or no element) on their spell card. It ALSO fails to tell you efficient way to equip your characters with cards that actually benefit them. Yeah. This game's tutorial tells you absolutely nothing.

Storyline:Even tho most people really enjoy the story, it's not for me. I'm not saying it's bad, but just not my cup of tea. Without spoiling much, you are thrown into the world as an outsider with no memories and a mysterious notebook and then you start solving lost word incidents. There are also some event stories? But I have no idea what they are about. From what I read they are just some funny/lighthearted stories that don't really have any linking to anything. Could be wrong tho since I've never bothered to read them myself.

Value: I would also want to add that getting specific limited friend from the banner is not really possible if you don't have good luck or enough to pity. The game (especially at the start is very generous cuz of the rewards for the first time clearing stories) but the rates are terrible. Of course it's not the biggest problem since there are wayyy worse rates in other gacha games. This marks the end of my rating. Why did I write so much about this game? I have no idea. In conclusion the gameplay sucks, the characters are cute. Play if you like cute waifus or touhou but if you actually look for something with decent Gameplay value then this game is not for you.

Silly Ways To Die


Graphics: A drawn like graphics which I enjoy a lot. There's also a bit of blood when you die. It's not a lot but just thought I'm going to say it so if you're sensitive about blood you are going to know about it.

Sounds: Kinda creepy sounds. I like them but sounds whenever you die get kinda annoying as you get them a lot(Yeah. You die quite a lot)

Gameplay:I don't like games like this.Basically the most random things in your path, a puddle for example, out of nowhere kills you so you revive and now you know you need to jump to not get hit by it. Oh no now a lamp fallen from the ceiling right on your head and you're dead again, now you know you need to wait for it to fall over so it won't kill you. Sure you already understand what this is about. Some people enjoy it since it gives a feeling of pure adrenaline but I'm in the group of people who just find the pure randomess demotivating.

Story: There is some kind of story but since I didn't play it a lot I'm just not rating it.

Value: Cool game if you like pure randomness and creppy games but if you hate those things the game just isn't for you.

Rainy Day


Graphics: Graphics are cute. There's not much to say about them, just regular kawaii graphics.

Sound:As far as I'm concerned there's only one soundtrack(I played for like 10 minutes so maybe as your score rises the soundtrack changes? Not sure.)Anyway, it's a lighthearted melody along with rain sounds. In my opinion it's nice and relaxing but some people might find it noisy and annoying.

Gameplay: You just tap the screen so frog avoids the drops of the rain. Nothing that exciting but a cool time killer if you don't have Internet connection. I played for 10min mostly because games where that's all you do are just not my cup of tea, but I know some people who enjoy such games.

Storyline: You're a frog and you need to dodge toxic rain so you won't die...
Just kidding lol [不滿](N/A)

Value: As I mentioned before, the game is a good time killer so go ahead if you're waiting at a bus stop for a bus to arrive or you're just purely bored. It's nothing that special but go ahead if you like cute frogs :)

Spotify Music


The Gameplay is simple yet engaging and exciting. And don't get me started on graphics and sound effects...Masterpiece. Sadly there isn't any story though developers are teasing about it. In conclusion best game I've ever played. [色色]

Limbus Company


The game is pretty good. The story and graphics are nice. The Gameplay might get kinda repetitive but it's too early to tell. The game doesn't lag at all on my phone but literally every comment says it does so I guess on most phones it's poorly optimized.



A simple yet nice game. You literally play as a cat who casts spells to kill enemies.The game is challenging and is a perfect time killer.

Path to Nowhere


Seems like a pretty nice game.Very similar to arknights but the gameplay is richer.

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