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pantsu robo 701311

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Grimms Echoes | Japanese



can't skip, nor auto
shit game alright

Revisions Next Stage


can't even play
friggin nexon strikes again

Mario Kart Tour


pretty much gacha racing nintendont offer
which is a no no

as a fan of srw
this title is kinda disappointment

the mech only have 1 ranged attack & 1 special (depending on what card did u use), which is shitty boring

also, loading everytime i want to attack even though i donloaded all the data already is kinda slowing down the gameplay

to summarize, this game's good as srw, but the mechanics r just downright shit

still stuck @ tutorial
how nice can this shit be ?

Disgaea RPG


Disgaea : maintenance RPG
the best maintenance game ever

the old unit r getting powercreeped hard by newer one
& they can't do shit against even lower powered newer unit

mind if I suggest something?
rather than downloading all that crap everytime there's an update, how about make the apk as small (in size) as possible & u can download the rest in-game

it's hurting my wallet everytime we got an update

error 1001
holy shit
fix this Pls banco

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the funny shit about this event is 
my Frontline Akari could clear the 60 battle unscathed [耍帥]
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