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guess where
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edit : sei had made me feel comfort more than the people around me. [發怒] he’s so adorable ! i’m just thankful that i played this game while the world is testing me again lol. y’all might as well try this whenever you feel like the people around you are just pissing you off because every time you open the app you’ll see sei, waiting for you there to make you happy.



The game size is almost 4GB. The graphics are great for a game like this. Characters are interesting. The card’s art is so pretty but getting the cards that you want when you’re f2p or just unlucky is really hard lol. The storyline is also great. Gameplay is not that good but not that bad either. UI has became more decent after the update. I’ve seen lots of improvements in Global though the game is still kicking me out all of a sudden [發怒]

Strengthening cards is kind of hard and takes a lot of time but your hard work will be paid off once you complete it. You can do plenty of tasks daily, weekly, or rookie tasks especially if you’re a new player to gain things, you can even receive a lot in achievements and fieldwork.

Though, there’s nothing much to do if you already completed the tasks and the main story. Events are mostly the only thing that you’ll do in the game plus the temple of trials, daily & weekly tasks but that will not be the case if you’re already attached to the game. All in all, the game’s pretty good but I hope it will improve more.

I wish that I find this sooner. The game is pretty addictive, in my opinion. It tooks almost 2GB in my phone but well I’m enjoying this game so I'll just sacrifice my storage for this. [可憐]

I really find the gameplay fun and entertaining, some of y’all might not like the type of puzzle games but give it a try at least. For the storyline, I find it great and I’m enjoying it tbh.

Finally, the graphics is good enough for me since I barely care to those stuff especially if I’m already enjoying the game. I recommend this for some peeps that is interested in playing this game. I swear your loyalty will be testing you so stay safe, not me though I already gave up my loyalty and currently loving them all.

ps. ily nayuta my dearest mischievous cat !! [可憐] ( still not loyal tho )

A pretty good game ! The game size in my phone is almost 2GB but I didn’t download some voices in storyline because I’m trying to manage my storage space lol.

So yeah, the graphics was smooth and great. Though, when it comes to the gameplay I admit that I experience crashes and lags at first but I’ve seen someone’s post on how to solve that problem and with some adjustments It’s all good now. I find the storyline interesting especially on that part where momohito said this line “(何かの才能かないと、みんなに見捨てられる。例えそれか、自分の親だったとしても) ” kinda hits me through my deepest soul [大哭]

All in all, I’m enjoying this so far. The game has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to its improvements !

yoshino my precious boy must protect

Helios Rising Heroes


I love this game ! The graphics and the art is so beautiful for a turn-based game like this. The game is also kind of generous because in 8 months of playing, I experience getting many things by just logging in to the game. There’s also a way to collect some needed things when patrolling and I can say that patrols is really helpful. You can also earn rubies in a lot of ways which is good but getting 4★ hero is so hard especially when it comes to my bad luck sometimes [大哭]

But yeah, It’s worth downloading. The game takes 1.15GB in my phone but I’m not sure if it will increase so I will be preparing my storage lol. Lastly, My favorite thing here is the animation in each burst. Especially the animations in 4★ heroes, I just find it pretty and addicting. [鬼臉] So that’s all. I recommend this to y’all if you’re interested, give it a try atleast. It’s pretty fun !

idk man i’m living just fine not until i entered this hellhole.

the graphics is so beautiful as well as the characters design ofcourse. been loving the game since i first played this on april. though, i always uninstall this then install again because my phone can’t handle the size that much lmfao ( i check the size on my phone and it’s almost 4GB [大哭] )

but it’s worth downloading in my opinion, even if my bad luck is always there[發怒]. i’m really enjoying the storyline and its sound effects. i can also say that this game has a lot of potential and i’m looking forward to its improvements in the near updates !

ps. ilysm leona <3

pretty good game, ngl. it takes almost 800MB in my phone and that’s pretty okay for a game like this in my opinion. the graphics is good, i love the live2d and everything. i find the storyline interesting so that’s enough reason for me to play since the storyline is what i mostly need for this kind of games but the gameplay can also be a reason since i find it fun. [微笑] i admit that i got confused at some things first especially on how to create a takeover code but i solved it at last so it’s fine now. it’s also up to you if you want to play this but i recommend y’all to give this a try ! [厲害]

Wind Boys!


been fascinated and waiting for the game, downloading it right away on its release. i’m playing for a week now. i can say that i’m enjoying the game.

the graphics is great and the ui is pretty good either, the gameplay isn’t that much but i’m entertained by their chibis doing random things. [暈] well maybe because i love raising sims and it’s mostly like this but still idk if it also go like that from some of y’all.

the storyline is good, i love their bonds to each other already. i also like how you can choose your character’s gender like a female or a male, this is kind of rare(?) from some games since i’ve only played a few games like this that is allowing you to change your character to a female or a male.

okay lastly, so ノーツ( Notes ) can also be earned easily in many ways that is mostly used for gacha but i think this could also be of use in some of things but i’m not quite sure since i’m still learning some of the mechanics in the game. all in all, the game is simply pretty and entertaining

A3! | Japanese


Started playing A3! on its english ver. this year but it’s shutting down so I decided to move here. I’m honestly regretting my life decisions because I wish that I know this sooner. [委屈] The gameplay is kind of boring but the storyline is so good. I’m also surprised of how generous JP is. I easily leveled up at my first day here so I think it’s still worth it to continue what I left in english ver.

The graphics is really good, not gonna lie. I know that this isn’t a rhythm game. But, since I also love raising sims, this game is still entertaining for me. Might as well give it a try if you also like raising sims. It’s simple yet addicting so good luck. [厲害]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


the graphics of this game is good and also its live2d, the card’s art is also good. they also conduct events often which is either good or bad for a person like me who doesn’t know how to spend wisely, jk.

so here it is, the thing i like the most is the storyline because i find it good and interesting. you’ll play here as an exchange student on devildom and you will meet the brothers and the side characters, i also heard that there will be new characters but i think you need to finish lesson 60(?) first to encounter them at rad if i’m not mistaken.

if you’re an f2p player like me, i suggest that you should spend wisely and don't just spend everything at once because you will regret it since i've also experienced this many times [大哭] you should save as much as possible and if you really want to spend make sure to save atleast a little especially when it comes to AP since I think that’s really needed since you can get a lot of things from it.

that’s all, good luck future exchange students ! [開心]

Promise of Wizard


I’m so happy that I found this game, this year way back march. The graphics is the first thing that made me continue playing the game.

Though, I just came back because I've been busy these past months but I can say that the game has already giving me back my happiness again. Plus, I really love Nero(my malewife /hj) .

Also yes, I know that the gameplay is kind of boring for some of y’all but for me it’s still worth playing because I also find the storyline intriguing. I suggest to those who seem interested to give this a try. [開心]

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nagisa(ilysm) came home after my 2nd 10 pulls but rei is nowhere to be found [發怒] how the hell did some of y'all got him , i literally want to become a robber rn Read Note
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