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Personally really love the Produce mode and the way it integrates with the rhythm game aspect. Really unique in that regard. Produce mode is similar to the previous Shiny Colors game, though they lessened the RNG and added some card gameplay to make things more interesting (which I think they succeeded at). Rhythm game is basically identical to Project Sekai's I reckon, but don't fix what ain't broke I guess. Japanese isn't too difficult either, so the game is fairly easy to understand (I'm N3 level and can understand just about everything I need to).

Graphics and sound are great, though it lags and heats up the phone in some places. There are options to adjust performance and graphical fidelity though, and I'm just personally not willing to cut the graphics down too much lol.

Gacha is fairly standard, and you can get plenty of gacha currency and tickets just by participating in the events. Events and dailies are also easy to grind through, as there is auto and skip available for both the produce and rhythm game portions.

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