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The community revolving around this game is bad, but the game itself is fantastic, though very taxing on your device. The story takes about 25 hours to complete, though if you do other stuff and depending on how much time you can put into it, it'll take you longer. Other than that, it's a fantastic game.

Critical Ops


I've played it before, I know for a fact that this is a CS:GO like game but on mobile. Unfortunately, they're prioritizing battle passes and crates instead of optimization, so it gets a low rating from me.

Minecraft | Global


Minecraft is basically the fan favorite, and one of the most popular games available. It's really good, and constant updates keep the gameplay fresh.



The game is aimed towards a children demographic, but it doesn't mean that adults can't play the game either, as it has a selection to cater to your taste. The app currency is very very pricey without the subscription, but you can play *almost* every game for free. Though if you would like to complain about a game, the experience developers are who you're after, not Roblox. I do have two gripes, being that the game drains your cellular data faster than YouTube videos on 1080p60, and your battery dies fairly quickly. Other than that, it's not that half bad.

Post-Update: The game has became more stable after the update. I'm glad they fixed this game.

As more events came to the game, the quality has deteriorated very quickly, rendering the game absolutely unplayable in any capacity. However, an upcoming update will apparently "fix the game on Android devices," which I doubt immensely. Overall, I recommend only to play after the 1.0.2 update, until then stay away from the buggy mess.

Rocket League Sideswipe


This is actually a good Rocket League spin-off. Everything you expect from Rocket League: the customization, the gameplay and mechanics, the iconic jumping and boosting, it's all there. Runs perfectly at 60fps on medium and a solid 45 on high, it was very well developed and not rushed. It's also f2p friendly as it has a rocket pass where all the rewards are free, and you just have to play matches to get exp. I recommend downloading it if you want Rocket League on the go.

Genshin Impact


I play this constantly, but the fact that this takes a quarter of my storage (I have a 128gb device) is deplorable. Gacha is very rigged and getting characters is near impossible with the lack of primogems to earn while playing. Don't download if you're not willing to spend thousands of dollars on just a character or a weapon.



To run this on an Android, I wish you luck, otherwise you're better off on a console.

Storyline-wise, the comics and zombies stories make up for the lack of a campaign. Multiplayer is only fun if you play for the enjoyment of Call of Duty on your phone, or with a group of friends playing private matches. When playing ranked however, it's a nightmare filled with meta abusers and campers. BR has very long ttk (time to kill) at longer ranges, and the overhaul from vests and armor to armor plates and auto Heath Regen was a major improvement. The sound is what you'd expect from a AAA title, however running this beast requires another beast of your own. I recommend everyone play this, but with a solid device with 4gb+ Ram and the latest updated software.

Edit: It's a bit over a week into S10 2021, though it seems like the meta has found itself in a weird place, though with the lack of content makes it a bit boring if you're not playing with friends. Battle Royale has also lost it's appeal with the lack of customization, and the current gunsmith system feels a bit lacklustre due to Vanguard's 10 attachment system with more attachment slots for more diversity. It's fun to play for a few matches, then you just get bored and play something else. It's still a great game, just needs some more content to make it worthwhile.

Absolutely abhorrent for a rhythm game. The variety of songs is the only thing that makes this lump of garbage even playable for like 10 minutes Max. The audio is horrible, on a mid to high end device like mine. The gameplay is worse than rip offs, with notes not even registering half the time. Storyline is too confusing, but it's a time-killer I guess. The graphics seem like this was made in 2002 and the gacha and IAPs are very predatory. I recommend that you don't play this.

I'd play this more if they actually had a working account recovery system like actual online games.

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Update 1.0.2 The update 1.0.2 is scheduled for January 24, 2022 at 6pm PST, and will become mandatory on January 25, 2022 at 3pm pst. The update will include fixes to android devices regarding frame drops, crashes, unresponsive errors and an update for the audio quality. iOS will only have audio quality updates. Read Note
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