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What r u doing here ?! HUH?!??!
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What r u doing here ?! HUH?!??!
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Genshin Impact


This game I already almost 2 years, it such a great rpg game that I recommended to you guy's, it really good game but I want to tell them that recently sumeru map has name that seem like idk but can hoyo change the name cus I seems to have idk but you can guess it[大哭][大哭][大哭]BUT YOU GUY'S HAVE MADE A REAAALLY GOOD GAME THAT I INTERESTHING WITH IT [怪笑]love yaa[厲害]



This app is really useful for who is playing hoyo games. There are have fanart, map, build characters that and there are plenty information and they have made an event for our to claim prizes like primo and others[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

very useful app. this app you can watch a vtuber or gameplay like genshin impact, pubg pc, Fortnite,and the other . you can search your fav player that popular on yt or tiktok or you can watch your fav cosplayer
i download this app cus i wanna watch my fav genshin impact player and a cosplayer^^

Spotify Music


very useful app . i really recommend this app cus this app many song that populat now and many popular tiktok song you can search it.

very useful app to chat or watch a movie on this app ...
i likes this app a lot cus u can chat you friend or stranger or you can doing a vid call and you can open a movie or game play on this app .

LINE Webtoon


this app very fun also they have many creator of webtoons that make a good story like remarried empress . it has very good plot . the queen really take a revenge to her ex husband and now her ex husband regret after what he doing to his ex queen...[大哭][不滿][發怒]



well this app tell me many things that we can do or join any trend and other thing we can chat and share our experience at story ig ..
it very useful for many information or cosplay creator^^

Kuma Sushi Bar


this game is really cute and we can make sushi ..
we need to rebuild the restaurant so we can make many customers ^^

This game is my fav otome anime and i really love them . I love their song and a big stage ....
so far so good👍🔥🔥🔥

Obey Me! Shall we date?


This game is my first otome game i play and This game I played in a long time for 2years. Many event that i miss and they have anime now 😊

This is my fav anime game so like it so much..
and all haikyuu character is a 'neko' it so cute thoo..
i love them🔥❤️❤️

This game is really good their song and the graphics ....
they have big live stage and it feel like we are there...
so far so goood👍🔥🔥

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when this game available 🥲?????!!!!! helpes meee laarhh Read Note
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