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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


I looove this game so much, gameplay wise, graphics wise... And it's so easy to get tickets for gacha, it's literally so f2p that it feels like a dream. I think the only downside is the translation, cause the story seems cute but sometimes it feels weird cause of the poor translation but honestly, compared to other poor translation I met, it's definitely not one of the worst so it's okay. I'll have to watch the anime next cause I really want to know more about the characters.
Oh also I wish there was a way to get more skins other than buying the "battlepass", I know they give one for Common Dolphin but I think it's the only one

I loove the Nikki franchise, it's a wonderful fashion game with a great storyline, even if sometimes it can be hard to understand with the poor translation- I always have a great time playing this game anyway, even if you have to grind a lot to craft new clothes at a certain level- Sometimes you can spend weeks just collecting ressources and it can get tiring very fast but it's not impossible I mean

Identity V | Global


Great game, not unique in its gameplay but greatly in character design. It's fun to play with friends, even alone, but it's kinda a shame that so many skins/characters are so limited and pricey to get. Sometimes I have a hard time following the story as well, maybe because of translation, or because it really is a storyline hard to understand idk

I looove the universe of Uma Musume, I watched the anime, the storyline is great, all the characters are sooo lovable, but the thing is-... As someone who doesn't understand Japanese (I'm learning it but yeah-), it's kinda hard and frustrating to play cause I'm really interested in the storyline and learning about the characters, but I can't or I'd have to translate every single piece of dialogue and it'd be too much work- I really hope the games comes in global because it's such a shame not to be able to play to such a great and unique game



This app has so much potential but its is handled terribly. Availability in some countries on stores like Play Store is inconsistent and it lags so much to the point that the app is unusable. I'm really looking forward to it but it needs fixing asap

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AI art ?... The art you see on the preview looks a lot like AI, I'm telling you it already smells fishy... Read Note
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