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Losing Cats Way


This game is good, nice gameplay and art style.[色色] There are no stupid ads on every step. It is the best game about cats I play, please fix English translate and add more types of mini games. Game has a lot of potential [怪笑]

The Tale of Food | Global


I'm glad to see this game is finally launched English ver.

⭐Graphic and artwork is amazing. 🌌
⭐Gameplay is perfect for people like me, who always busy. You can just start farming and doing you work at the same time.
🤔 Gacha is usual among other game of that type.
2% SSR and after 50 chance increasing by 2%.
⭐Story is good.
🙃 Resourses for gacha is hard to get. You should play events and be active at guild for weekly flames.
⭐You can change you background, music and other. Also house is beautiful, set of furniture is very detailed and cool.
🙃But I'm crying when I hear English voices, it can't compared with Japanese. English voices don't fit characters or sound rude. And I can't just change voice acting to Japanese.. Why? 😭
🤔 And remember, spoons is a power in this game.
Farm is endless. You may like this game if you ready to play for a long time.

Revelation | SEA


Beautiful graphics, but absolutely nothing else. Typical auto fight, typical pay to win, no farmable gacha and clothes

I like it so much, but I want to read this fabulous story so release English/Global version please ✨✨✨✨✨

Path to Nowhere


I like artstyle and gameplay

Tower of Fantasy | Global


I like it! [色色]

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